There Are 220 Media Broadcast Markets in the US

and i have to work my way up from the bottom.. so looking at this list I have planned out a map of how i would ideally like this to work


In Order

239. Key West, Florida

214. Wailuku, Hawaii

204. Hilo Hawaii

170. Grand Junction, Colorado

144. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

137. Palm Springs, California

113. Syracuse, New York

71. Fort Myers, Florida

69. Colorado Springs, Colorado

61. Honolulu, Hawaii

42. West Palm Beach, Florida

34. Colombus, Ohio

17. San Diego, California

11. Houston, Texas!

and of course maybe after that

8. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

3. Chicago, Illinois

1. New York City, New York


only time will tell but out of all of the cities.. this is my map 🙂


A Bit of A Relaxing Day

This is my last week in Arlington and so far it has been a pretty relaxing vacation. Today I did.. well, nothing really.. the new puppy has mastered sleeping in (kind of) someone usually comes and takes her out around 7 am every morning. plays with her for an hr. then brings her back around 8 and we sleep til 12! its pretty great 🙂

Going back to SM will start a new year for me… so far i havent found a New Years Resolution that i like.. but i will stop drinking sodas and eating bad food… when i get back its greens and protein and cardio every day.. i think the hardest part is going to be that Caitlin wont be there anymore.. Carmen too.. mainly Caitlin but its a close call.. haha

this semester is going to be very difficult i think.. i still dont have the classes I need.. my advisor didnt call me back today so im still not in the classes that i need to be in.. but its okay because it will all work out.. hopefully..

anyways i got confirmation today that i am officially inactive in my sorority.. good news 🙂 now i can focus on everything else going on in my life! no word on any of the internship applications yet.. any ideas?

im off to my sisters volleyball practice and then back home haha.. i like not having anything to do but i will be excited to get back to my school life! i think im driving down on Friday, Chris is coming with.. and we’re going to hang out the weekend before school.. he’s resolved to come to San Marcos at least twice a month 🙂 which is exciting!


School Is Starting Again Soon!!

Well every day grows closer to the beginning of my second to last semester at school.. and i could not be more excited!! Yesterday I went to WFAA and job shadowed Gloria Campos in her kind of everyday work. It was so much fun watching what it takes to create the news we watch every night at 5/6/10! I got really great advice from Shelly Slater, a younger reporter/anchor at WFAA; she told me that its not glamorous. You do your own make up, your own hair and in the beginning you write and film your own stories. Getting everything set up and ready is hard work.. you sweat and heave the equiptment around and then you have to turn around and get pretty again and film your own stuff. She also warned me that once you start out there are some creepy people out there.. she’s had a stalker before… horrible i think!!

Anyways.. none of my classes are right yet.. well i take that back two out of the five are right.. and only 3 out of the five are registered!! ughh!!! but on the bright side my big found her wedding dress today!!! its goorgeous!!

i have had the worst back pains for the past week! and i dont know how to fix them.. i sit in the massage chair every day and it is not getting much better.. and the worst part is that i have NO idea how it happened! i just want it to go away..

anyways now i am just sitting at home relaxing and waiting for dinner.. steak, shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled in picante sauce, bacon wrapped jalapenos and potatoes!! 🙂 it will be delicious!

❤ love