The Finale!

Today is Friday! It is officially the last day of my Legal Analysis class! I wanted to update every day but with the work load on top of not having Internet at my apartment (fixed!!) it was a little hard to sit down and type out everything I wanted to say! If you want to keep up on the reg. I do tweet a lot throughout the day! I will have it linked up to the site very soon! This week was crazy hectic! In total I had 8 case briefs to do between Tuesday and Friday. I’ve learned a lot! Our case brief layout is a little extensive and I think my professor is one of the more lax on cutting down to the bare minimum because I’ve been talking to some of the other L1’s (yeah that’s right! making friends!) and their classes seem a lot more intense, and harder, than our does. But my professor is so intelligent I cant even be mad. I just want to sit in his presence and soak up all the knowledge his brain can’t hold anymore. It’s actually pretty fun when he gets off track on a subject or question that he likes because we get into things that I dont think we would  normally be covering!

Okay well TBC because class is about to start!

Fingers Crossed!


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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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