Beginning Week 2

Hello again!

It’s Sunday night and I am going over my homework for contracts, watching hulu and writing this blog. I really want to at least get one blog a week to keep yall updated, hopefully two! This past week has been crazy busy!! So Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have Torts and Contracts. Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Legal Research and Writing and Civil Procedures. This week I had like 3 case briefs and around 200 pages to read this week! We reviewed Professionalism Expectations, the American Legal Systems, and like three different ways to brief a case. I’ve learned 20 new words in Latin, what constitutes a nuisance, binding and persuasive precedence, and the definition of a contract and what constitutes a breach.

This week I’ve already done 3 case briefs and read 50 pages just for Monday’s classes.. Two of my case briefs are for contracts and they’re over the same case, a trial and supreme court appeal for the Baby “M” case regarding surrogacy contract validity. In the case a couple uses insemination and a surrogate to have a child because the wife had MS and pregnancy would be dangerous. After the baby was born the surrogate mother (natural mother) asked for visitation, then asked to take the baby home for the week and then refused to return the baby. She even went as far and evading a court order, becoming a fugitive with her husband and the baby and hiding for 3 months. She threatens to kill herself and the baby before giving it back.. she is off her rocker. It’s a really interesting case! The outcome in the trial court was in favor of the plaintiff but the Supreme Court of NJ decided that surrogate contract is invalid because it conflicts with the law and public policy of the State. The case before this one was a contract breach regarding a doctor patient contract of sterilization. A guy sued for breach of contract because he had a vasectomy and then got his wife pregnant. The court decided that they couldn’t make the doctor pay damages for the normal birth of a normal child because it is foreign to the universal public sentiment of the people. Really interesting!

Anyways gotta be up early to review Intentional Torts, and the contract cases! Sweet Dreams!!


Fingers Crossed!


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