The Ruins of Delphi

After a leisurely few days in Nafpaktos, the wanderlust kicked back into high gear. It was time to explore. We rented a car, consulted a map, and headed down the open road. We never planned on driving in Europe, since the street signs are different and there is no wifi for Google Maps, but it always seems to lead to the best adventures. 

Delphi, for those of you who need to brush up on your history, is the mecca of Greek mythology, thought to be the naval of the Earth. Home to the Pythia’s Oracle, Apollo’s Sanctuary, and the precursor to the Olympic Games, Delphi is one of the most significant sites in western civilization. Google it. 

As we walked towards the entry to the ruins, we crossed paths with tourists dripping in sweat, clambering about the showers they have to take, and we thought to ourselves, what were they doing? The answer is hiking up the ruins. From the entrance we had a long trek to the top of the ruins. The trail is steep, the steps are tall.. some original, some reinforced due to thou do of years of use.. All adding an extra element of difficulty to the trek. But the hike is well worth it. The Ruins in Delphi are home to the world’s largest outdoor library (of course the pages are boulders and the words are in an ancient language that even most Greeks cannot read), an ancient amphitheater, multiple ancient columns and temples, the Rock of Sibyl, and the stadium which was host to the Pythian Games. It is a must see if you are in Greece. We can’t wait to go back! Once back in the car, it was just a few short hours and we were back in Nafpaktos. Of course, we stopped at a few abandoned beaches on the way. Here are just some of the photos from this unforgettable day. 



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