Oily Desserts

This weekend we has a last minute get together with a few of the other couples in the building for what was supposed to be a poker night for the boys and a wine night for the girls! No cards were ever brought out.. the boys made duck and bao, the girls brought desserts, and we all ended up in a circle scream-singing lyrics to old 90’s rap songs for the better portion of the night. AMAZING.

Since we didn’t have time to go grab dessert – I decided to make brownies! And of course I had to find a way to oil them up. PEPPERMINT. Now, I don’t want you to think that I was unable to run to the store but totally had time to make brownies from scratch.. false. I grabbed a brownie box and added two drops of peppermint oil. Big hit. I also didn’t have time to take photos (thank goodness, since the brownies were baked in a circle cake tin – not the prettiest brownies) so here is a photo of brownies to make you hungry and some info about the amazingness of peppermint! If you want to try this “recipe” Peppermint has 100 drops in a bottle that will make over 50 brownie batches! Plus there are 1000 other uses for peppermint, some of which I’m sure don’t involve food.. but it is so so delicious!



Spring Cleaning!

Under my sink you will find 10 bottles of method cleaners.. One for granite, one for glass, one for wood, one for steel, one for the bathroom, one for the shower, one for the toilet, one for the wood floors, one of the hard floors and of course one all-purpose because why make one cleaner for everything if you’re going to make oodles of other cleaners for very specific purposes or surfaces..

But this Spring there is change (and cinnamon!) in the air. In my monthly oil box, I am getting thieves cleaner! It is truly all-purpose. Thieves is a blend of 5 oils: Cinnamon, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Clove. All of which are amazing, all-natural, effective cleaner.

The synergistic effect of these oils is antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic! Plus they smell amazing. There are also some pretty cool Folklore stories about where the name Thieves® came from! While there are quite a few variations, but the basis of the story is surviving the plague. The story goes something  like this.. there were four thieves who used this recipe to steal from those who were dying from the plague. Once in prison for stealing from the homes of the dead, they were sentence to haul the plagued bodies piling up. One of the thieves had a mother who was an herbalist; she made an herbal vinegar the men used on a fabric handkerchief over their mouths and noses while they robbed the dead. She supplied more of the same as the thieves took on their assigned tasks. The men survived carting away dead and decaying bodies without catching the plague, and the magistrates took note. The magistrates offered them a deal: the thieves could hang for their crimes, or divulge their secret and go free. They gave up the recipe! The tale continues to say that many others used the herbal vinegar and survived. A wonderful story, you can read more here.

This year I won’t have to bring 5 cleaners to the bathroom. Bring on the Thieves.


**WARNING** This post may be a little bit heated.. I started diffusing peace and calming before I wrote this but I don’t think there is anything out there that will make me any less sad/mad.😡

Two weeks ago, Friday morning apparently someone broke into (snuck into) (freely gained entry into) our “secured-access” loft complex.. We found out TUESDAY. How you ask? By email? no. By word of mouth? no. By the police? NO. I got all dressed up and ready to ride and went downstairs to the basement and into the LOCKED bike room to remove our chained bikes from the cement bike rack.. only to find that they were NOT there. I ran up to the front office.. their response was not shock.. or concern.. just “oh, yeah.. there was a break-in”🙄

Let me explain what it would take for someone to get in. You would have to use a remote to scan into the back gate, then again to get into the building. THEN you would have to go ally the way down the hallway to the staircase/elevator that leads to the basement. THEEN find your way through the labyrinth that is the basement to the opposite side of the building where the (supposed-to-be) locked bike storage room is located. Then pull out your bolt cutters to cut both of our bikes free… then transport those bikes up a back staircase (which I can’t find and I live here) then get BACK into the building to steal another tenant’s bike and power tools out of his storage unit.. Totally seems like random strangers did this right..😒

I cannot express the anger and disappointment that we’ve experienced in dealing with our southtown loft complex. There are no words.. There are no oils. But there is a community with Young Living. The day after I found out, I also had to contact Young Living in their amazingly helpful live chat. Iva helped me figure out a Young Living question, but also asked me about my day. I couldn’t help but express my sadness for my missing bikes and her response was priceless. “Bikes are replaceable, don’t let them take your joy”, and she was right, they don’t deserve to take everything. They already took our bikes, they don’t get my happiness.

So today we choose to forgive.. but not to re-lease.