Santorini. Santo. Rini. Saint. Peace.Ā 

After a few days in Athens, we were ready to pack up and board the plane to Santorini! As we scheduled our cab for the early morning flight, the driver,says “are you sure your flight isn’t cancelled because of the strike?” This was news to us, but when I checked my email, sure enough thereContinue reading “Santorini. Santo. Rini. Saint. Peace.Ā “


Milan! Day 1.

 We are in Milan! Italy is amazing. We’re only in Milan for 3 days so there is not time for a long post, just a few photos! We will work on a post on our train ride to Italy! Until tomorrow!                                                       

London Fog

After our overnight flight from NYC, we arrived in London around 11AM. Our flight into Gatwick was phenomenal and the airport was amazing (highly recommend.) In New York, we met Italian brothers who gave us directions around London. We took the Gatwick Express into Victoria Station, and ventured around London! Here are a few ofContinue reading “London Fog”

When I Need Inspiration

We are 42 days away from the Texas bar.. The stress is building. A close friend sent a text yesterday asking what days the bar exam is NEXT MONTH. I told her not to phrase it that way or she will be responsible for myĀ panic attack. We have downloaded exam soft, downloaded our exam options,Continue reading “When I Need Inspiration”