When I Need Inspiration


We are 42 days away from the Texas bar.. The stress is building. A close friend sent a text yesterday asking what days the bar exam is NEXT MONTH. I told her not to phrase it that way or she will be responsible for my panic attack. We have downloaded exam soft, downloaded our exam options, uploaded our mocks, it is becoming all too real. What is keeping us going you ask? Europe. I stop my notecard and pull up a few photos of Italy, France, or Spain, and I remember that while the bar exam is 42 days away, that means that Europe is 47 days away! The terror turns to excitement and back to studying we go. Later this week I will let you in on some of the details of our itinerary and ask for travel tips!





Four More Weeks in Cast

My office visit on Monday was wonderful! My ligaments have healed exponentially! Over the last five weeks, I have spent time writing, one-hand typing, and learning to use forks and spoons (no knives allowed-need to keep all my fingers) with my left hand. Over the last two weeks, I was instructed to remove my cast twice a day, for ten minutes, to “exercise” my ligaments. I say “exercise” because the only movement I was allowed to make was touching my thumb to my pinky. Dr. Rayan was very clear, twenty-three hours and forty minutes in cast, twenty minutes exercising. As it turns out, he was right, my ligaments are at 80-90% healed, and I get to keep my hand out of cast at home to start the physical therapy process! Every time I take the cast off I just want to bend my wrist. Keeping it in a cast has made it very very stiff. I am afraid that even when I get the cast off, it will be longer than expected until I’m back on my mat due to the stiffness in my wrist and hand. Unfortunately, four more weeks means during finals.. but the law school has been wonderful in figuring out accommodations for my test taking issues. Two weeks from now my rehab includes typing, so I will be able to blog again! Until then, enjoy these photos of my life in a cast!

Caitlin Irwin
Moose & Gatsby!
Caitlin Irwin
Caitlin Irwin and Michael Lambert
Nick Carraway & Jordan Baker
Texas – Volleyball Banquet
Thunder Game w/ Sis!

Cheating for Cookies

I walked into the law library today on my way to Income Tax class, and there were Tim’s cookies. Tim is a reference librarian at Oklahoma City University School of Law who often makes cookies from scratch for the students on special days. Today is Constitution Day! While most people think it is just another Tuesday, law students everywhere are looking at displays on the Constitution and the rights It provides for Americans everywhere.

But Constitution Day is not the point; Tim made cookies. He made chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and his favorite, the snickerdoodle. The first time, I just walked by them, thinking about taking a cookie, but holding out. The second time, I lifted the lid, but walked away. The third time, I took a cookie. I took a bite out of that cookie, and before I could chew a rush of flavors hit my mouth. But they were not good flavors; salt, dairy, egg, and milk chocolate. I spit it out and gave the rest of the cookie to my friend Erin. Don’t get me wrong, the cookies are delicious. I have always loved one of Tim’s cookies! But, last week I gave up refined sugar, and that was the first time I tried to eat some since. One week doesn’t seem like a long time; it doesn’t seem like long enough for your taste buds to change/heal. Skinny Bitch says once you stop putting crap into your body, your taste buds heal and develop the ability to distinguish the flavors. Today, that proved to be true. I am not proud that I gave into the cookie desire.. but I am happy to find out that while my mind wants it, my body does not.

Update on My Life

I am going to try and actually keep my blog updated! I have a little more free time this year since I have officially started my last year of law school! (3L Year!) It seems like I was sitting in orientation yesterday, but less than a year from now I will have sat for the Oklahoma bar. I am currently working for the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office in the civil division (which I love!) and for the law school library. I am taking 16 hours this semester, including antitrust, nonprofit organizations, income tax, Oklahoma legal research, and trial practice, a schedule which has proven to be wonderful so far.


I would say at 25 years old, my life is exactly where I want it to be! Michael and I have been together for over two years!


Over a year ago I rescued a beautiful black lab/german shepard/greyhound mix named Moose, whom I would not trade for the world. He and Michael’s rescue pup Petey are best friends. And this time next year, I will be DONE with the bar exam, waiting on the edge of my chair for my results.

Now that I’m done bragging, things that are not where I want them to be: my weight, my flexibility, my spirituality. When I started law school I was 155 lbs. Today? 200. This means that over the next six months I need to lose 45 lbs (somewhere between 6-8 lbs./mo. 1-2 lbs/wk). I think this is a completely plausible goal, and a necessary goal since bar studying starts at that time and I do not need to be in the habi

t of stress eating when going into (possibly) the most stressful six months of my life. The Bar Exam. So, my plan is to keep myself accountable by updating you on my progress, my slip-ups, and my success. Before and After Pictures will follow! So here goes!

Here is the Before…


… and the After


Gotta move back to the Before!


Legal Analysis. The One Week Long Class!

Today is Monday! August 8th, and I am going to try and get this blog finished tonight so I can keep up! This morning I woke up around 9, packed up my bags, got in the truck and drove to Starbucks. I really wanted an Internet connection! I googled to find a Starbucks since I have no idea where anything is in Oklahoma City! Found one and followed google maps to the red dot! This was the first Starbucks I have ever been to that does not have an indoor area available to customers. Keep in mind it’s 95 degrees outside in Oklahoma this morning, I was at a loss. So I gave in, ordered my drink (Grande Java Chip Frappachino-delicious and highly recommended!) and found a spot outside where I could plug my Dell laptop in(the battery is shot and it won’t turn on wothout being plugged in.. I want a Apple mac!) and search the Internet for a cable company, electric company and gas company! While I’m sitting here there is another girl doing the same thing I am, her name will be G for all extensive purposes. As it turns out she ALSO is new to OKC, from Texas, and attending OCU Law! What a coincidence! We talked a bit about relocating our lives and the things that need to be done and then part ways! I like her haha we might just become friends, I’ll keep you updated!

After Starbucks I headed over to Penn Square Mall to go to AT&T to exchange my iPhone car charger that stopped working. They were amazing, once I actually found the store of course. I must have walked around the mall 3 times before I decided to consult the directory! Not my best logic haha. They took mine and gave me a brand new one on the spot, no questions asked. I did, however, check to see if they could give me Internet at my new apartment! No such luck, Cox has a monopoly in the area and I now have to pay $54 dollars a month for Internet. I know this is a small price to pay for how much I will be on it so I will try not to complain. They are coming Thursday to hook up my modem and wireless! I also transferred electricity and gas into my name today! ONG even came out today right at the beginning of the time period they said they would(like 12:01 for a 12-4 time period!), that was really nice and unexpected! The amazing part of this is now I have hot water!! Thank goodness! It wasn’t awful without it since it’s a zillion degrees here, the water wasn’t all that cold to begin with. I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading and highlighting Jane C. Ginsburg’s “Legal Methods” exert until I had to leave for my first day of Legal Methods!

Today we were asked to wear court attire because we would be taking the pledge of professional commitment! I love dressing up so of course I was ecstatic! Before the pledge we broke up into previously assigned sections and had our first Legal Analysis class where we were divided into four groups and each given one of the four hypothetical cases that I reviewed on Sunday! Each group was assigned a lawyer or judge to facilitate the discussion and a reporter to notate the opinions of the group on their case. I got to be the reporter! Granted I was the only one who wanted it but it was still exciting to me! Our case was about two 1L students that went to a party, had too much to drink, made the decision to drive home but got pulled over and received a DUI on the way. We discussed if the student needed to report the incident to the school? To the bar examiner? And if the passenger had an obligation to report the driver if he was not going to report himself. Also all of the possible consequences from each decision. It was interesting and after each group reporter stood and delivered the group findings and final decision. I had to rush because we were already over our time but I loved every minute of the spotlight! I want to be our 1L Class President so obviously I want people to know who I am! After class we took the pledge, had two judge speakers and a speech from the president of the university(who I love!) and now I am home! Finishing this entry so that I can return to a case brief and Ginsberg’s exert. I will tell you all about it tomorrow after my second Legal Analysis class! Until then!

Fingers Crossed!

Welcome to Law School!

This weekend was orientation! I decided tonight due to my inability to sleep! that I want to start a new blog. I plan on updating often and sharing my entire first year of law school with you and the world. I guess I should start with how I came to be in where I am today. There is an “about me” page where you can learn all of my secrets.. I’m just going to dive right in!

Saturday morning at 10am I traipsed across campus from my apartment in white crop pants, a grey top and black heels. The heels were not my best choice for walking but I love them and I wanted to see how long the walk was from the door of my place to door of Sarkeys Law Center (10 minutes in heels in case you were wondering). I was greeted by woman at a sign in table who handed me a folder with useful information then ushered into a large room with 200 unknown faces! This is exciting for me because I lovee meeting new people! But not this morning.. I had gone out the night before in Bricktown with a few girls from my 1L class and my. head. hurt. I didn’t want to talk, all I wanted was for everyone to whisper and a gallon of water! During the first day of orientation we listened to multiple presentations on school amenities and what law school is going to be like. We broke up into groups and had 2L and 3L students do a Q&A session where they told us things they wish they had known and tips about our professors, very informative! After Q&A we were sent to lunch! They had assigned tables for us to sit at that were run by upper level students for more Q&A! Then the rest of the afternoon included more presentations on the Law Library and OCU Healthcare. After the first day of orientation I headed back to my brand new apartment! As of right now I have no bed.. no desk.. no dressers.. no internet.. and no entertainment. THIS is because I didn’t know where I was living when I left Texas! I literally packed up my truck with everything it could fit and moved to Oklahoma hoping to find a place to live when I got here! Which I did but now I have to wait until my parents can bring down furniture for me! (Wednesday, thank goodness!) Until then I am sleeping on my futon, with a thin small blanket and one pillow.. Out of everything I remembered to pack I did not grab the pillows and comforter off of my bed at home? I of course didn’t realize this until the day after I left Texas.. But it’s working out so far, I can handle it! I spent the majority of the night after orientation unpacking my clothes that were on hangers and setting up my bathroom since those were things that could be done! Everything else? sitting in piles in my living room. I went to Target and bought the essentials. One pillow, one storage box, one full length mirror ($4 couldn’t pass it up!), 2 plastic wine glasses, a case of water and a 12 pack of Coors Light. This is what I needed to last me until Wednesday!

Saturday night I was invited out to an “All-White” party at a bar near my new abode! Of course I had the perfect white dress to wear, in combination with a hot pink sequined headband and hot pink patent-leather heels! I looked adorable! and then the drinking ensued.. Towards the end of the night I had made 20 new friends! Whose names and faces I can not recall, but on the bright side my apartment was less than 30 feet away so I was safe! Some very nice boy escorted me to my door and laid me down on my futon to rest up for Orientation on Sunday!

Sunday morning I thought I was supposed to be at orientation earlier in the morning so I pried myself out of bed around 10:30am and threw on a dress and black ariat boots and climbed into the truck and drove the .07 miles to the law school, I was not about to walk.. As I pulled up I realized there were no cars there. So I double checked the schedule and we weren’t meeting until 1:30 that afternoon! So of course my initial reaction was to go home and back to sleep! BUT instead I googled catholic church in the OKC area and found St. Francis of Assisi a mile away! And they had mass starting at 11. Couldn’t pass up those signs so I went to mass! After mass however, straight home and onto my makeshift bed (futon) to sleep until I had to get up and to the law school.

Day Two of orientation provided multiple presentations on subjects like the bar exam, financial aid, and student organizations! I am amazed at how many times the bar was mentioned in the 2 days prior to my first week of law school.. But they made valid points, they said bar is going to test us on the things we learn on the first day of torts and contracts. There will not be a day in law school that you don’t need to retain everything you learned, they said. This information is exciting! and a little frightening (maybe a lot) knowing I will be tested on things I learned 3 years prior! They said the 10 weeks preceding to the bar exam are going to be the worst 10 weeks of my life. Even with this information I am still more than ready to proceed with the next step in my education!

After orientation I came home and outlined and reviewed 4 hypothetical cases for the first day of Legal Analysis on Monday. I did two cases that focused on the professionalism expected in the legal field and how I would react personally to the cases, then watched 2 episodes of October Road on Hulu! It’s a pretty good show, all about a guy who left his tiny little town and all his friends and ended up writing a successful book in NYC all about his town. He goes back and realizes he left a lot of unfinished business behind and stays to mend relationships. At least that’s as far as I’ve gotten 🙂 I like it! Anyways!! I then finished the other two hypothetical cases that focuses more on the ethics of the legal profession. If you google “introduction to professional expectation, OCU” you can read the cases that were presented to the 1L class. They make you think! After I finished I wasn’t able to sleep so I started this blog! Now I am excited to include you and everyone else in my journey though my 1L year at OCU! As soon as my Internet is set up at my apartment it will be easier for me to blog! Until then please understand that blogging from my iphone is a little difficult but I will do my best!! Wish me luck!

Fingers Crossed