Welcome to Law School!

This weekend was orientation! I decided tonight due to my inability to sleep! that I want to start a new blog. I plan on updating often and sharing my entire first year of law school with you and the world. I guess I should start with how I came to be in where I am today. There is an “about me” page where you can learn all of my secrets.. I’m just going to dive right in!

Saturday morning at 10am I traipsed across campus from my apartment in white crop pants, a grey top and black heels. The heels were not my best choice for walking but I love them and I wanted to see how long the walk was from the door of my place to door of Sarkeys Law Center (10 minutes in heels in case you were wondering). I was greeted by woman at a sign in table who handed me a folder with useful information then ushered into a large room with 200 unknown faces! This is exciting for me because I lovee meeting new people! But not this morning.. I had gone out the night before in Bricktown with a few girls from my 1L class and my. head. hurt. I didn’t want to talk, all I wanted was for everyone to whisper and a gallon of water! During the first day of orientation we listened to multiple presentations on school amenities and what law school is going to be like. We broke up into groups and had 2L and 3L students do a Q&A session where they told us things they wish they had known and tips about our professors, very informative! After Q&A we were sent to lunch! They had assigned tables for us to sit at that were run by upper level students for more Q&A! Then the rest of the afternoon included more presentations on the Law Library and OCU Healthcare. After the first day of orientation I headed back to my brand new apartment! As of right now I have no bed.. no desk.. no dressers.. no internet.. and no entertainment. THIS is because I didn’t know where I was living when I left Texas! I literally packed up my truck with everything it could fit and moved to Oklahoma hoping to find a place to live when I got here! Which I did but now I have to wait until my parents can bring down furniture for me! (Wednesday, thank goodness!) Until then I am sleeping on my futon, with a thin small blanket and one pillow.. Out of everything I remembered to pack I did not grab the pillows and comforter off of my bed at home? I of course didn’t realize this until the day after I left Texas.. But it’s working out so far, I can handle it! I spent the majority of the night after orientation unpacking my clothes that were on hangers and setting up my bathroom since those were things that could be done! Everything else? sitting in piles in my living room. I went to Target and bought the essentials. One pillow, one storage box, one full length mirror ($4 couldn’t pass it up!), 2 plastic wine glasses, a case of water and a 12 pack of Coors Light. This is what I needed to last me until Wednesday!

Saturday night I was invited out to an “All-White” party at a bar near my new abode! Of course I had the perfect white dress to wear, in combination with a hot pink sequined headband and hot pink patent-leather heels! I looked adorable! and then the drinking ensued.. Towards the end of the night I had made 20 new friends! Whose names and faces I can not recall, but on the bright side my apartment was less than 30 feet away so I was safe! Some very nice boy escorted me to my door and laid me down on my futon to rest up for Orientation on Sunday!

Sunday morning I thought I was supposed to be at orientation earlier in the morning so I pried myself out of bed around 10:30am and threw on a dress and black ariat boots and climbed into the truck and drove the .07 miles to the law school, I was not about to walk.. As I pulled up I realized there were no cars there. So I double checked the schedule and we weren’t meeting until 1:30 that afternoon! So of course my initial reaction was to go home and back to sleep! BUT instead I googled catholic church in the OKC area and found St. Francis of Assisi a mile away! And they had mass starting at 11. Couldn’t pass up those signs so I went to mass! After mass however, straight home and onto my makeshift bed (futon) to sleep until I had to get up and to the law school.

Day Two of orientation provided multiple presentations on subjects like the bar exam, financial aid, and student organizations! I am amazed at how many times the bar was mentioned in the 2 days prior to my first week of law school.. But they made valid points, they said bar is going to test us on the things we learn on the first day of torts and contracts. There will not be a day in law school that you don’t need to retain everything you learned, they said. This information is exciting! and a little frightening (maybe a lot) knowing I will be tested on things I learned 3 years prior! They said the 10 weeks preceding to the bar exam are going to be the worst 10 weeks of my life. Even with this information I am still more than ready to proceed with the next step in my education!

After orientation I came home and outlined and reviewed 4 hypothetical cases for the first day of Legal Analysis on Monday. I did two cases that focused on the professionalism expected in the legal field and how I would react personally to the cases, then watched 2 episodes of October Road on Hulu! It’s a pretty good show, all about a guy who left his tiny little town and all his friends and ended up writing a successful book in NYC all about his town. He goes back and realizes he left a lot of unfinished business behind and stays to mend relationships. At least that’s as far as I’ve gotten 🙂 I like it! Anyways!! I then finished the other two hypothetical cases that focuses more on the ethics of the legal profession. If you google “introduction to professional expectation, OCU” you can read the cases that were presented to the 1L class. They make you think! After I finished I wasn’t able to sleep so I started this blog! Now I am excited to include you and everyone else in my journey though my 1L year at OCU! As soon as my Internet is set up at my apartment it will be easier for me to blog! Until then please understand that blogging from my iphone is a little difficult but I will do my best!! Wish me luck!

Fingers Crossed


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