A New Journey: Young Living

Hi friends! I know it’s been so long since I have updated our life! Oh my gosh, so much has happened.

First off, WE PASSED THE BAR! Then we went to Europe (check out our travel blog to look back on our adventure!) for like three MONTHS. amazing. We got ENGAGED! and MARRIED! We are now back state-side, working in San Antonio, living our life. So you see why I haven’t had time to blog! Recap: Bar, Europe, Engagement, Jobs, Wedding. YAY!

So. Why am I back, making time for this update? Because I started down a long windy beautiful road known as OILS. Oh. My. Gosh. When Michael and I started dating he would try to get me to experiment with oils.. but at the time I was still all about that spaghettio’s and boxed wine life, he could barely drag me into a whole foods. I know, crazy to think about. #pinnacleofhealth but as time went on, he wore me down.. and I liked them, they smelled nice.. he was right, whatever. Plus, wine in a bottle is the way to go.

Fast forward to present day! Connoisseur of whole foods, red wine, and anything outdoorsy. A few months ago (probably  longer) my beautiful sorority sisters started posting about oils. How they clean with them, how much they’ve helped their health.. you get the idea. Of course, always obstinate, I rolled my eyes at them.. lavender and eucalyptus oils smelled nice and peppermint oil was a nice way to make a cold compress, but I didn’t need whatever they were peddling.

After arguing that my whole foods oils were the best out there, I decided to compare. Boy, was I wrong. I finally gave in and drank the kool-aid in January. New year, new me? Well, maybe same old me but a balanced, healthier, happier, well-rested version. Soo side-hustle = oils. Because if I need them, you need them. (clearly none of us need spaghettio’s.. unless you want some.. I’ll share with you..)

Anyways, spaghettio’s are neither here nor there.. I am so excited to go down this oily road and share my life with you again!


When I Need Inspiration


We are 42 days away from the Texas bar.. The stress is building. A close friend sent a text yesterday asking what days the bar exam is NEXT MONTH. I told her not to phrase it that way or she will be responsible for my panic attack. We have downloaded exam soft, downloaded our exam options, uploaded our mocks, it is becoming all too real. What is keeping us going you ask? Europe. I stop my notecard and pull up a few photos of Italy, France, or Spain, and I remember that while the bar exam is 42 days away, that means that Europe is 47 days away! The terror turns to excitement and back to studying we go. Later this week I will let you in on some of the details of our itinerary and ask for travel tips!




Texas Bar Exam

UPDATE! I am taking the Texas Bar Exam in February 2016. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Michael and I have packed up and moved back to Texas. We have just started our (hopefully last ever) bar prep course and we are trudging along slowly. Since I have more free time now then I’ve had in the last year, I want to pick up blogging again.. (I know, we’ve all heard that before) but you’ll see.. to be fair its just going to be me whining about studying with memes that amuse me. Enjoy.

…One Year Later

A inquisitive defense attorney recently reminded me that I have a blog..severely neglected, but a blog nonetheless. It has been almost two years since I’ve been active! First and foremost, I am alive and well. I graduated from law school! Passed the Oklahoma bar! And I am now an assistant district attorney for Oklahoma County. For obvious reasons, I cannot talk about work, however I can talk about life (maybe? we shall see?)

One year out of law school, I am very happy! There are a few odd changes: I can’t remember the last time I briefed a case or the last time I spent hours on research.. Life is too fast paced for that. I miss access to LexisNexis and fear using WestLaw due to charging.. I miss the library and seeing friends daily.. I miss free time, the ability to arrange my schedule around my work outs (my physical body is also displeased about this..more on that later.) I miss Starbucks at 10am and studying all day.. It’s odd the things you take for granted. So for those of you in your final year reading this, savor these moments.. you won’t get them back.

This is week I start a countdown to health, I know it is not New Years yet but it’s time for me to buckle down. I bought new suits for a trial this week, not because I don’t own suit, I do, just not suits that fit.. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in the next two weeks, and then again and again until I am back down to my goal weight, so get ready for recipes!

Anyway, for now this is it, I’ll be back with a progress report!