December to January

I know its has been a few months since I was active, and I am sorry! But no worries, I am back. My life has been a whirlwind over the last few months with law school finals, holidays, visits with friends, and starting back to my LAST semester of law school. Thats right, I graduate in MAY! Okay so lets play catch up! 

I spent most of late November and early December studying, and it paid off! Grades came back last week, and it was my best semester of law school so far, we haven’t received ranks, CALIs, or deans/faculty list yet but I feel like I will be pleased with the results! They should come out tomorrow! Stay tuned. 

The holidays were wonderful! I took a last minute trip to Arlington for Thanksgiving, after my family had planned to drive to Oklahoma and make dinner here. We loaded the dogs up in the cars and headed south. My original plan was to leave Moose with my parents for a few weeks while I took finals, however he was not pleased with that idea. Moose was anxious and sad the second we left, so my sister brought him back a day later, and he spent finals curled up on the couch he is not supposed to lay on. For Christmas, my mother got Moose and Petey new dog beds! So now no dogs on the furniture is actually enforced, however sometimes I come home and the couch is warm even though Moose is laying on his bed and pretends he has been there all afternoon.

After the holidays, I caught a flight to Austin/San Antonio to see friends for 10 days. I got to see my Big, my roommates, old friends, and best friends. I spent New Years Eve watching Josh Abbott at Cowboys San Antonio with all of my best friends from college. It was magical! It had been a long time since we were all in the same place 🙂  

Now school has started again. I am only taking 11 hours in my last semester because I took 5 hours over the summers! And out of those 11 hours, only 9 of them are actual classes. It has been wonderful, except that my 9 hours are actually difficult classes (Secured Transactions, Corporations, and Federal Jurisdiction). 3L-itis is at an all-time high. I have to force myself to read for class. I didn’t have to force myself to read the Hunger Games Trilogy though… I finished that in less than a week. I decided to start reading real books to try and fix my skimming problem (e.g. skipping words, sentences, and even paragraphs while reading law books). However, I forgot how much I enjoy reading. I used to read 3-4 books a week (for fun) in elementary, junior, and high school. I love to read. Now, I’ve awaken the monster and now my problem is not skimming law books but preferring to read the new series I started, Divergent, over my corporations book. Must. Be. Stronger. #DauntlessOrErudite

Michael and I have spent the last 3-6 months looking around for a place to live after we graduate, and we had it narrowed down to a few places including the Sieber, the Park Harvey, and some properties owned by Hopefully we will have this figured out within the next few weeks! 

Well that is the end of the update, so until next time! 


Traffic Court

This morning I spent my time in traffic court. Not because I got a ticket, but because I was resolving the traffic tickets of others! It was a fun? experience, which I am supposed to re-live the the first and third friday of every month. Basically I grabbed a paper, called a name, asked how do you plea, and then gave the person an extended period of time to pay off their ticket. The majority of issues included driving without a license (or with a suspended license), driving without insurance or registration (or both), and minor traffic offenses. Fortunately for me (and those whose tickets I held), the actual assistant district attorney (ADA) sitting in front of me acted as a wonderful sounding board for all of the cases where I was unsure of the proper resolution. I think out of the 20 people I talked to, I dismissed one case without costs, but the guy had a pretty good story and proof on how the database was incorrect and his license was never suspended. I was nervous going into traffic court, but I received a crash course yesterday, and the ADA giving me the course said the worst thing I could possibly do would be to dismiss a speeding in excess of 25mph without costs and even then no one would probably know, so it would be okay. I find new things about my job that I enjoy every day! Minus the fact that traffic court starts at 8am, which is very. early.


Get excited for my next few posts which will include my weekend in Guthrie for the Gentlemen of the Road Tour! with Abi, Allison, Mitch and my cousin and her friend! I am soooo excited!