Traffic Court

This morning I spent my time in traffic court. Not because I got a ticket, but because I was resolving the traffic tickets of others! It was a fun? experience, which I am supposed to re-live the the first and third friday of every month. Basically I grabbed a paper, called a name, asked how do you plea, and then gave the person an extended period of time to pay off their ticket. The majority of issues included driving without a license (or with a suspended license), driving without insurance or registration (or both), and minor traffic offenses. Fortunately for me (and those whose tickets I held), the actual assistant district attorney (ADA) sitting in front of me acted as a wonderful sounding board for all of the cases where I was unsure of the proper resolution. I think out of the 20 people I talked to, I dismissed one case without costs, but the guy had a pretty good story and proof on how the database was incorrect and his license was never suspended. I was nervous going into traffic court, but I received a crash course yesterday, and the ADA giving me the course said the worst thing I could possibly do would be to dismiss a speeding in excess of 25mph without costs and even then no one would probably know, so it would be okay. I find new things about my job that I enjoy every day! Minus the fact that traffic court starts at 8am, which is very. early.


Get excited for my next few posts which will include my weekend in Guthrie for the Gentlemen of the Road Tour! with Abi, Allison, Mitch and my cousin and her friend! I am soooo excited!



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