Red Organic Wine

Tonight Michael and I tried a new wine suggested by Skinny Bitch as an alternative to sugary alcohols. It was pretty delicious, and the health benefits cannot be denied! However, Moose is not impressed

Badger Mountain

Moose Looks

Moose Unimpressed


Made It Through Day One

So yesterday was day one if my life style change. I re-read the first chapter of the book to remind myself why I dis not want turkey in my salad, and why I was not going to get Orange Leaf for dessert.. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good? Normal, but not tired. They say that after you start eating clean you feel better overall, but I assume it’s going to take longer than one day.

This morning I got up, showered, and took my roommate to Starbucks for her 24th birthday! Breaking News! They have a new cup size? They call it treinta.. They will serve you any zillion calorie frappachino in a treinta sized cup. I ordered unsweetened passion tazo tea in the new size. Very delicious. But I think my body would have a panic attack if I tried to drink the same size java chip frappachino.


Today, I have income tax and then I will use the wonderful Lululemon Om Finder app to find a yoga class! Here is to a wonderful start to Day Two