Taylor’s Birthday



Today was Day 3! My mom came into town this morning with gifts galore! My dad made homemade spaghetti sauce! So I now get to organize an evening with friends where I will serve a lot of spaghetti (6 jars worth)! Maybe I will call it Italian night 🙂 I introduced my mother to Cool Greens this afternoon.


I took her downtown for lunch before I had to be at the DA’s Office. She loves the idea of my new life choices and supports my new diet, which is wonderful (but not surprising, she supports everything I want to do!)

Tonight we hosted a surprise celebration for Taylor’s 29th birthday! We had dinner and drinks at The Wedge on Western! Michael and I built our own pizza with gluten free bread, roasted red bell peppers, arugula, pepperocinis, jalapeños, and kalamata olives! It was delicious!



Taylor’s girlfriend Britan had a cake made in his honor, in the shape and color of a Thunder jersey! I love evenings with great friends and great food, all topped off with a bottle of delicious merlot!

Day three was wonderful, but I have to go conduct traffic court tomorrow at 8am for Oklahoma County so it is time for some sleep!

Good night world!


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