…One Year Later

A inquisitive defense attorney recently reminded me that I have a blog..severely neglected, but a blog nonetheless. It has been almost two years since I’ve been active! First and foremost, I am alive and well. I graduated from law school! Passed the Oklahoma bar! And I am now an assistant district attorney for Oklahoma County. For obvious reasons, I cannot talk about work, however I can talk about life (maybe? we shall see?)

One year out of law school, I am very happy! There are a few odd changes: I can’t remember the last time I briefed a case or the last time I spent hours on research.. Life is too fast paced for that. I miss access to LexisNexis and fear using WestLaw due to charging.. I miss the library and seeing friends daily.. I miss free time, the ability to arrange my schedule around my work outs (my physical body is also displeased about this..more on that later.) I miss Starbucks at 10am and studying all day.. It’s odd the things you take for granted. So for those of you in your final year reading this, savor these moments.. you won’t get them back.

This is week I start a countdown to health, I know it is not New Years yet but it’s time for me to buckle down. I bought new suits for a trial this week, not because I don’t own suit, I do, just not suits that fit.. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in the next two weeks, and then again and again until I am back down to my goal weight, so get ready for recipes!

Anyway, for now this is it, I’ll be back with a progress report!


Published by hotpinkpearls

31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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