Coffee is a MUST

We have 27 days until the Texas Bar Exam, and my go to is obviously coffee these days. 
I started thinking about what phrases I need to learn before traveling to all of the different countries on our list. I downloaded Earworms in Mandarin a few years ago when we hosted a few schools from China and the musical background really helped me remember a minimal amount of phrases that I needed. I’ve now acquired the first level of Earworms in Greek, Italian, and French. Each of the sets starts with teaching you how to say “I would like” and includes a type a beverage, be it coffee, tea, wine, or beer. I realize I will not be able to survive without coffee, so I’ve compiled a list of how to order coffee for most of Western Europe! Enjoy! 

USA: I would like a coffee (with milk), please.

Greece: Tha íthela énan kafé (me gála) , parakaloúme. For those of you who want to see it in Greek letters! Θα ήθελα έναν καφέ (με γάλα) , παρακαλούμε.

Italy: Vorrei un caffè (con latte), per favore.

France: Je voudrais un café (avec du lait) , s’il vous plaît.

Spain: Me gustaría un café (con leche), por favor.

Czech Republic: Chtěl bych si kávu (s mlékem), prosím.

Hungary: Szeretnék egy kávét (tejjel), kérjük.

Norway: Jeg vil gjerne ha en kaffe (med melk), kan.

Denmark: Jeg vil gerne have en kop kaffe (med mælk), bedes.
**powered by Earworms and Google Translate


32 Days

I’m definitely not panicking.. 

The sheer amount information you are required to commit to memory for 3 days is a hard pill to swallow but knowing we only have a month left.. 

The fact that this is my second bar exam has been useful, not that I remember a large portion of the material, but I have mnemonics and tricks that are stored somewhere deep in my brain. But it is still so much to remember. 

32 days..

In the end, this will all be worth it..   

Bar Study Materials

As the bar approaches, we have started looking for additional MBE questions for practice. When looking at reviews of Emmanuel’s or Adaptibar the outcome lately seems to be the same: the 2014-2015 MBE has switched up the game and become a lot harder. Since I took (and passed) the July 2014 MBE, I know that the questions differed in form from those we rehearsed with in barbri but not so significantly that I would deem those practice questions useless.. 
So who has a suggestion on additional questions? Let’s hear them.

When I Need Inspiration


We are 42 days away from the Texas bar.. The stress is building. A close friend sent a text yesterday asking what days the bar exam is NEXT MONTH. I told her not to phrase it that way or she will be responsible for my panic attack. We have downloaded exam soft, downloaded our exam options, uploaded our mocks, it is becoming all too real. What is keeping us going you ask? Europe. I stop my notecard and pull up a few photos of Italy, France, or Spain, and I remember that while the bar exam is 42 days away, that means that Europe is 47 days away! The terror turns to excitement and back to studying we go. Later this week I will let you in on some of the details of our itinerary and ask for travel tips!




Texas Bar Exam

UPDATE! I am taking the Texas Bar Exam in February 2016. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Michael and I have packed up and moved back to Texas. We have just started our (hopefully last ever) bar prep course and we are trudging along slowly. Since I have more free time now then I’ve had in the last year, I want to pick up blogging again.. (I know, we’ve all heard that before) but you’ll see.. to be fair its just going to be me whining about studying with memes that amuse me. Enjoy.