Budapest. A Week with Friends. 

Budapest would probably not have made the list original list, but we could not come to Europe and not visit our friends! Spending a week in the city, living as ex-pats instead of tourists, was an eye-opening experience. We still did all of the touristy bits, like sight seeing and exploring the city, but weContinue reading “Budapest. A Week with Friends. “


A View of Prague

We have been exploring Prague for two days now. We are writing up a guide to seeing the city in 3 days but until that is done, I wanted to post a few photos! More to come with all of our discoveries from around Praha!                                           Continue reading “A View of Prague”

Every Time We Book

Everytime we book a new location our excitement builds. We are nearing the end of our booking stage which is wonderful and saddening because I know it means we will eventually have to leave the fairytale.  Just to give you an idea of how this started… we started off trying to plan a specific routeContinue reading “Every Time We Book”