Coffee is a MUST

We have 27 days until the Texas Bar Exam, and my go to is obviously coffee these days. 

I started thinking about what phrases I need to learn before traveling to all of the different countries on our list. I downloaded Earworms in Mandarin a few years ago when we hosted a few schools from China and the musical background really helped me remember a minimal amount of phrases that I needed. I’ve now acquired the first level of Earworms in Greek, Italian, and French. Each of the sets starts with teaching you how to say “I would like” and includes a type a beverage, be it coffee, tea, wine, or beer. I realize I will not be able to survive without coffee, so I’ve compiled a list of how to order coffee for most of Western Europe! Enjoy! 

USA: I would like a coffee (with milk), please.

Greece: Tha íthela énan kafé (me gála) , parakaloúme. For those of you who want to see it in Greek letters! Θα ήθελα έναν καφέ (με γάλα) , παρακαλούμε.

Italy: Vorrei un caffè (con latte), per favore.

France: Je voudrais un café (avec du lait) , s’il vous plaît.

Spain: Me gustaría un café (con leche), por favor.

Czech Republic: Chtěl bych si kávu (s mlékem), prosím.

Hungary: Szeretnék egy kávét (tejjel), kérjük.

Norway: Jeg vil gjerne ha en kaffe (med melk), kan.

Denmark: Jeg vil gerne have en kop kaffe (med mælk), bedes.

**powered by Earworms and Google Translate


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