Changing Your Travel Plans

Every time we book a flight, I always wonder what if.. What if something happens and I can’t make this flight. What if I have to change my dates, time, or cities. Well, it happened.. and it wasn’t that bad. Here is what we learned.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move our flight overseas forward by almost a week. We tried to find the most cost effective way to make this work, but even when the cost to change flights in Europe is around 50£, this price does not apply to international flights (because of course not) BUT it was the easiest thing I have ever done in relation to changing flights around, thanks to Norwegian. When we looked online and realized the change fee was triple what we expected we called Norwegian, and they explained the differential treatment of international flights vs European flights, and reminded us to book online to avoid over-the-phone costs. We changed our date, our arrival city, and our flight time for an additional $400. Which doesn’t sound that bad until I tell you that we booked our flights over for $550 in the first place. 

We did manage to arrange our plans so we only missed the first location on our trip, picking up in our second location as if nothing ever happened. [Location list to be revealed at a later date😘] 

In the end, we had to change 1 flight, let 1 flight go, and add a new flight. It took us about an hour to work everything out and about $700, but we are back on track! And I ended the day extremely impressed with Norwegian’s customer service! 


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