Pre-Law School Life

Everyone has secrets.. things you don’t know about someone.. things that you want to know.. I am an open book, just turn to the right page and look for the right hint and you will find out anything you need to know

The most important things in my life

My Family


My Friends

My Sorority

My College

Oh My Life

I’m in the best days of my life. I have my degree in Broadcast, Electronic Media. I start(ed) law school in August 2012. I have a fantastic Big Sister. Two!! amazing  Little Sisters and a gorgeous Grand Little! and a beautiful Great Grand Little.. I have fantastic best friends.

I have an amazing family who loves and cares for me! and I may be a little crazy sometimes but I am comfortable being me.

I love to create. I love animals. I still like video games and cartoons and my life is exactly where I want it to be!


One thought on “Pre-Law School Life

  1. BTW I like/love the disney channel as well.. perhaps a little too much! and your blog is interesting and I wish i had to energy to do something like this i think it would get started and never finished so I wont go there. but anyways, hope things are well and this is cool!

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