…Oh TKE…

Oh My

Oh My

Oh My

Last night was a lot of fun, my big and I hadn’t gone out together in awhile! this morning however not as fun i feel like death. Getting out of bed is the worst idea every time I try. The TKE bus to 6th Street last night was really fun. Its been a long time since ive been out but i think i need to remember that not only do i not like vodka but vodka does not like me. I think last night was the first time i have ever thrown up ON someone.. Sorry Austin.. Thats what he gets for sitting next to me haha.. But now I am relatively bed ridden, moving makes me nauseous!

Trey and Caitlin took me to What-A-Burger 🙂 but of course they messed up my order and now my burger tastes like mustard :/ but it was a really good idea 🙂 They are at the library being studious for this week and i am lying in bed..dying.

All in All.. I miss my boyfriend but im so blessed to have such amazing friends! I cant wait for this weekend to go home and see him and my family 🙂 I also cant wait to feel normal again! At this moment I will never drink again!!

On another  note I think i am slightly addicted to icecream.. and ive decided that its not really ice cream per say its the texture and the tempature of the ice cream lol.. maybe that means i am addicted to ice cream haha..

today ive ben watching a lot of tv, mainly because it doesnt require moving ( and its not far from the bathroom) and watched a show similar to Ace of Cakes(my favorite show ever) and every time i see something like that i just want to try it! with cake and fonda and sugar flowers. i would love for someone to open a shop that makes all of the supplies available so that people could go make their own cake! or take classes and everything haha.. now im watching Janice Dickinson Model Agency and i always wonder.. how do they stay so skinny?

I would love to be that little but i dont think my bone structure would even allow it… i wonder if you can have your ribs taken in? just kidding! i know its not possible lol there are a ton of vital organs in there! I would however like to lose weight.. like 15lbs. any ideas? I think if i can conquer my icecream addiction it would probably be the first step in the right direction!

I have a new work out routine every monday i go to the gym after my 8 am until my 11 am. On Tuesdays and Thursdays i go to the gym between my  12:30 an my 3:30. All the other days I just have to make time to go! Intramurals start this wednesday but im kind of upset because they scheduled games at 6pm on wednesdays and i work every wednesday @ 5 so i pretty much will never be able to play. Volleyball intramurals are starting soon too and we scheduled games on monday nights so im excited because i will always be able to play! I think im going to record my progress on here and see how it goes.. Starting Monday! we’ll do a food diary and weight list and maybe even before and after pictures haha maybe it will convince me to stay on my diet for once! plus it will totally help with my blood pressure!

anyway i think im going to take a nap, caitlin and trey are at the library until like 10 pm and my eyes are getting blurry.




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