i would like to start my halloween day post with a few quotes from famous (unknown) people 🙂

Eat, drink and be scary.  ~Author Unknown

When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees, “Tonight is Halloween!”
~Dexter Kozen

Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.  ~Mason Cooley
This Halloween the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask.  And the best part?  With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him.  ~Conan O’Brien

and finally 🙂

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.
– – – Shakespeare “Macbeth”


so halloween so far has been great! i got off work last night just in time to go home and get ready to go to Kappa Sigma. During the day i went to Goodwill (your halloween headquarters haha) and bought my outfit for $6.47 plus like $2 for face make up 🙂 which is fantastic! and we went out to kappa sig and a milllion Alpha Xi’s were there!!





it was great having so many sisters in one spot all having fun together!!



Something Needs To Change

I cant figure out quite what it is..

my life is kind of at a stand still.. is that possible? for you life to be at a stand still when youre ridiculously busy? I feel like i do the same thing every day.. and chris and i have basically run out of things to talk about.. we just sit on the phone in silence.. because nothing changes.. school. work. homework. sleep. and repeat… i cant figure out if my relationship, or my life.. is on the rocks? or both? or even neither?

i put in my two weeks today. so as of november 12 i will no longer have to work past 5 pm. which is fantastic. none of my friends really go out anymore.. or they dont invite me out anymore? im not really sure which.. i need to change something.. i just dont know what it is.. any ideas?

for now im going to go to bed and wake up and start my day all over again. but maybe ill go halloween partying tomorrow night? we shall see..



I cant tell if i love my life or hate it? is that weird?

there are days where i cant tell if I’m happy or sad or even if i know how to fix it..

I have work and school and sorority and Chris and my family and my friends and it is a lot of work..

thinking about that, idk if i want to take on more responsibility.. what i really want to do is fast forward like a year and 2 months from today.. to the day right before graduation … i know i would miss so much and that it is only theoretically possible but like i feel like then i technically wouldn’t have to do all of the work and make all of the decisions that i have to make in the next year..

^^ all of that said i also can not wait for the next year to see what it has in store for me.. where will i be, who will i be? and what will i be doing? i know there are so many things that i havent done yet. i want to accomplish so many things before i graduate.. and after of course.

this week in my life:

ive started working out again.. i kind of want to be a personal trainer, a. because they can charge whatever they want.. b. because it would make me work out.. c. time management duh? and d. because i could set my own hours + i love working out and helping other reach their potential haha.. sorry.. i worked out twice today 🙂 and now im exhausted.. and trying to make sure i have everything i need in my notes for my test tomorrow… hopefully it will be okay

i have to write 2 “papers” for my writing for mass media class, both of which i have no idea how to do.. but im sure i can figure it out.. and my big has already taken this class.. maybe she can help haha..

then of course, its halllowween!! which ive half decided i hate and half decided i love.. my life is a love/hate relationship.. everything i think about how cute everyone is going to look in their costumes.. i hate my life.. when i think of how much fun i had going trick or treating  i love halloween.. when i get in front of a mirror and try to decide what i want to be for halloween, i hate halloween.. that tends to be where i stop thinking about halloween and go to the gym. 🙂  maybe next year i will be in halloween shape.. although i dont think my body knows what halloween shape is..

i would really like to go home this weekend.. but it would be pointless because i would leave friday at like 12 and have to come back saturday so i could be at work on sunday at one.. or leave early sunday morning (yuck).. but chris is moving into his new apartment this weekend, and i think it would be really fun to go and help him move in 😦 ugh.. at least next semester i will be able to go home whenever i want! thats all i have to think about and im happy haha

anyways im at the library and exhausted so i think im gonna pack up and go home for the night



im kind of tired of posting right now..

i know i havent been doing it lately but i think its pointless at the moment because no one is reading.. even my big who always tells me to blog isnt reading my blog.. so other than to get my feelings out and to work on my writing theres no point to me blogging..

my life has gotten so boring…

i get up, go to class, go to work, go home, watch disney, go to sleep.. and repeat.. with a few alpha xi delta events thrown in the mix

i dont really feel like anything im doing right now matters… nothing really.. and i dont know whats wrong and what has me feeling like this.. or how to fix it..

I registered for classes for spring.. im taking 15 hrs.. 4 classes on tuesday thursdays and one on monday wednesdays …


anyway im gonna go to bed for now.. later..


sometimes i wonder how is it possible to be friends with everyone

and go to bed feeling so lonely every night

everything in my life right now is so topsy turvey

im laying in bed right now watching entourage on a saturday night by myself.. my big is probably asleep, my little is probably out partying, and my boyfriend is in houston with his family.. im getting really tired of not talking to my other two roommates.. its making my living situations miserable..

anyways im going to bed.. again.. i have work tomorrow from 1 – 9.. ugh..

How Magical

planning a wedding has so many steps and so many problems but in the end it is so magical.. i want to plan  wedding.. i dont really care that its my own but i would love to pick out a dress and a cake and do place settings for guests.. so im going to show you what i have been daydreaming about today..

save the date


place settings
something similar to this

my engagement ring ❤
beach side
gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
wedding ring
his ring
his ring
so far thats the end of my daydream..
hmm hmm hmm ❤ i love weddings

Technology Hates Me..

so ive decided that technology hates me..

its trying to ruin my grades, my relationship and my social life! between my computer and my phone both throwing shit fits over the past few days, my technological issues have been ridiculous!

at this moment.. my computer wont download word off my cd and my phone wont charge.. ugh..

im really tired or i would write a lot so ill just do a quick update until tomorrow.. this weekend was a lot of fun!


i went to school then left and then i worked for like ever which was boring but that night i went to TKE wine night and that was a lot of fun.


i had work at 10 am but i got off really early (3pm) and then i just relaxed until the UT game… i spent the game time with my big and her fiance! and then i went to  the phi delt party with my little and a few of the babies! it was awesome because i havent seen a lot of those ppl in a long time.


i had a lot of fun… i went to a Sisterhood brunch and had breakfest with my sisters 🙂 and then i went and woke up one of my bestfriends/sisters to convince her to go halloween costume shopping with me around 2.. by 4 pm we managed to get to HEB for an 1 1/2 hours of shopping.. and then we made it to the outlets to look for the halloween store.. it took us like 10 minutes to find the store and in the end i didnt even find anything i wanted to wear.. i did get to go work out afterwards though..

my little is making me go out more and more every weekend  :/ haha i dont know what happened to me.. u used to be very very social.. i guess with the blood pressure issues and the boyfiend i just havent felt the need to go out and get wasted.. im doing okay though, at least when i go out i just drink wine.. which isnt that super bad for me..

anyway i have a mass comm job fair tomorrow morning at 10 and this week is mass comm week so gotta get some sleep! xoxo

also! tomorrow starts my diet and exercise program again… so we shall see haha im horrible at keeping on diets!