Retreat Today!

Im at work doing the small amount of filing that they had available and the phone hasnt even rang once.. aka no point in my being here other than computer access.. which at the moment is necessary! i had to pay my tuition today.. somehow i forgot about it completely… not that forgetting is unusual for me. I wish i could have stayed in bed all day today but i had a 9:30 class (that i was on time to) and a paper to type up..

I got a 93 on my first paper! unfortantly the second paper was not so successful.. it would have been if i had edited it a little more.. w/o GSP (grammar, spelling, punctation) mistakes i had a 90… and i have 5 GSP mistakes.. work 5 points each.. aka 65.. yuck.. but the good news is that we have a chance to rewrite the papers in like 2 weeks for more points 🙂 only our second and third papers though.. which is good because i aced the first one! it’s funny because I LOVE writing…but i am not too fond of punctuation.. i dont mind spelling… mainly because i have spell check now..

Today is Alpha Xi Delta Chapter Retreat (oohs and ahhhs!)… we get to drive like 45 minutes away to a cowboy bunk bed bungaloo and hang out with all of the sisters.. yay! haha.. umm so yah im TOTALLy.. not looking forward to it because i would love more than anything to just lay in bed all night tonight.. i even have to leave early because i have work at 10 am! yuck… but sunday.. sunday i will be in bed ALLLL Day!

you should be very proud of me! i was going to get lunch today and i drove up to mcdonalds and EVEN got in the drivethrough.. and then decided that i was going to eat subway instead! and i drove AWAY! yay me!! and i havent had ice cream in forever.. (like a week) but i do still drink starbucks.. :(.. BABY STEPS! haha anyway .. ive lost like… 2 lbs.. maybe.. but i am starting to see a change..

I STILL DONT HAVE A COMPUTER i hate dell i hate dell i hate dell.. i know its not their fault.. its the process they have to follow its just very aggravating.. idk what do do anymore…


anyways im going to go pack for the retreat! bye!!




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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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