Soo I’m going to give blogging another shot 🙂


Starting December 1st!

I’m starting my new lifestyle December 1st!

Gym every day at least just for cardio

Nothing fried.

No soda!

I know its a little early but i don’t want it to be a new years resolution!

very very short post.. watching Love and Other Disasters

Why is it so hot out!?

I woke up so many times last night.. body overheating because the weather outside keeps changing and I cant seem to keep the temperature inside the house accurate! I’m sure it doesn’t help that my water bed is heated but I cant just turn it on and off! That is why it is on in the winter.. if winter would do what it is supposed to.. like be cold for once? Don’t get me wrong.. I lovee the warm weather.. it’s why I love Texas so much.. what I don’t love is how it cant pick whether it wants to be warm.. or cold? Get your boots out.. put them away.. get your boots out.. put them away! It’s an arduous task. I would turn my water bed heater off tonight but the weather is supposed to drop this week! and then go back up to warm again of course..

I  had dreams last night about weather… scary ones actually.. There were a ton of students who were gathered at the Texas State Alkek Library for a book signing and then all of a sudden everything got really dark so everyone went inside and watched as funnel clouds formed and started to dip down.. I grabbed my friends and we took off for the stairs to the basement but everyone beat us there so we had to find shelter elsewhere.. The rain drops were ginormous and it was pure chaos.. cars were being ripped from the ground and thrown around.. we found shelter in a room somewhere  made of concrete and then the dream changed over to me being chased.. and hiding from the large group of men chasing me.. it was boys against girls more or less and seemed a lot like a malicious game of hide and seek.. and somehow my little sister kept getting me found! all of my dreams seem so vivid.. I always wonder what they mean.. or if they just mean I have a wild imagination!

Anyway time to get up and go to the gym.. Thanksgiving is coming and you have to balance out that caloric intake! Don’t let the dreams get the best of you.. or the heat for that matter!


RIP <3

Today a friend died..

He rolled his truck on the way to the ranch in McAllen.. No one knows how it happened.. but it did.. I got the phone call this morning. He was 24, a college graduate, and had such a bright future. Its hard to think that he’s not going to be around for the rest of our lives.. I have no idea what to say to his girlfriend.. one of my best friends.. what do you say? How do you comfort people when there are no words?

Its hard to think that life can end that quickly.. Remember to live each day as it is your life.. The funeral is Saturday and I’m driving down Friday night.. Three Rivers here we come 😦

RIP Dustin Odom


Post Post-Season Work

Now that the season is over and the Rangers lost the World Series to the Giants.. (lets all take a moment and be sad, but proud of the accomplishments we made) .. It was an amazing ride!


the office has calmed down quite a bit.. I’ve begun doing all of the refunds and charge backs and accounting even! The stress level is way down, and while everyone is a bit disappointed I think they are much happier with how we did this season than how upset they are that we lost.

My life is going very well! I cant think of anything I would rather being doing.. I dont mind working crazy hours when it leads to as much fun as I have at work! and I know I’m a workaholic but I cant help it! This morning I was at the stadium early, on my first Saturday off, to volunteer for Autism Speaks. Of course I ended up counting money in accounting inside the first base box office.. so really it was just like being AT work even when I wasnt.. which is almost like a guilty pleasure, especially when I’m giving back to the community!

Anyway! Bed time… tomorrow I actually have a day to clean! Sweet Dreams World!


This week has been so crazy!! The Rangers won the ALDS and we begin the first game of the ALCS Friday! I can’t believe that we made it this far! It is the first time in HISTORY that the Rangers advanced to the League Championship Series!! I get to be a part of history.. and thats crazy!

Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor again.. My back still hurts.. and the numbness in my fingers is starting to freak me out..

Anyway super tired.. More tomorrow!

Stacie Always Makes Me Feel Better!

soo many stories about her life that make me feel like my life isnt quite that bad ❤ thanks best friend.

So I know maybe it’s not about me and he can’t help how  he feels.. it sucks but there’s nothing I can do about it. and there’s nothing he can do about it, if that’s what he’s going through right now that is..

It’s hard to remember that everyone’s kind of broken..