Post Post-Season Work

Now that the season is over and the Rangers lost the World Series to the Giants.. (lets all take a moment and be sad, but proud of the accomplishments we made) .. It was an amazing ride!


the office has calmed down quite a bit.. I’ve begun doing all of the refunds and charge backs and accounting even! The stress level is way down, and while everyone is a bit disappointed I think they are much happier with how we did this season than how upset they are that we lost.

My life is going very well! I cant think of anything I would rather being doing.. I dont mind working crazy hours when it leads to as much fun as I have at work! and I know I’m a workaholic but I cant help it! This morning I was at the stadium early, on my first Saturday off, to volunteer for Autism Speaks. Of course I ended up counting money in accounting inside the first base box office.. so really it was just like being AT work even when I wasnt.. which is almost like a guilty pleasure, especially when I’m giving back to the community!

Anyway! Bed time… tomorrow I actually have a day to clean! Sweet Dreams World!


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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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