This week has been so crazy!! The Rangers won the ALDS and we begin the first game of the ALCS Friday! I can’t believe that we made it this far! It is the first time in HISTORY that the Rangers advanced to the League Championship Series!! I get to be a part of history.. and thats crazy!

Tomorrow I go to the chiropractor again.. My back still hurts.. and the numbness in my fingers is starting to freak me out..

Anyway super tired.. More tomorrow!


Back to Tampa Bay

It’s bottom of the 5th and the Rangers are down 5-0 against Tampa Bay at home.. We won both away games and they are about to win both away games.. It is going to come down to game 5 in Tampa Bay.

I don’t know what we’re going to do when we’re really out of post season.. After refunds I may just be out of a job… Fingers crosses that doesn’t happen.

In other news! I went to a haunted house with Cassie and some boys last night! It was a lot of fun! They’re doing a really cool promo where you get a free ticket if you donate blood vs. paying $25 for a ticket! AND you get a free shirt! It was perfect!!

I have faith.. I’m going to cross my fingers and close my eyes and pray to God that the boys can pull out and we don’t gave to go back to Tampa Bay.

ALDS Game 3

If we win today tomorrows game becomes obsolete and the Rangers advance to the ALCS with home field advantage! I had my parents drop me off at work today because traffic is going to be crazy! When I got to work I was so excited for our new credentials and then it turned out to just be a wrist band.. But I guess it’s okay!

Today my sister is driving to San Marcos to visit the university that I love! I’m so jealous! But I’m glad I’m here and I hope she as a great time!!

The office is having chick fil a catered for lunch so that’s amazing! Anyway gotta get back to work