Oh School

playing around on linked in today I found my dad’s blog.. and it reminded me that I havent blogged in awhile.. no matter how many times my big has reminded me too.. so since June.. Updates..

My big got married!! finally!! after 17 months of engagement she is officially an Adams! the wedding was beautiful and she was the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen.. and I could plan a wedding in a week if I needed too. We were up for two days straight, and if I never hear the word vellum again I will be a happy woman. Congrats Big & Trey!! ❤

I am in the middle of my last fall semester of my undergraduate degree.. thank goodness.. Im taking 15 hours and although it doesnt really feel like school is in session, Im doing pretty well.. A’s & B’s in most of my classes.. struggling a bit in economics.. but not because i dont understand the material, I just dont like the way he forms his test questions.. but I’m adjusting..

I am active in my sorority again for the fall and spring, and paying for it myself.. trying anyways.. i really need to find a job.. but i love AXiD and would put myself into debt for my sisters if thats what it took.. its means the world to me.. I owe a little over a 1k right now.. but i know i can do it eventually and they’re supporting me in every step

I have an additional little! Marissa! shes adorable, shes a sophomore from Lake Jackson 🙂 so that makes 2! Sarah (my  other little) is doing very well this semester and is very excited to be a grand big since I also have a new great grand little! also named Kayla.. so its Jenna -> Caitlin ->Me -> Sarah/Marissa -> Kayla -> Kayla.. the Giraffe family is growing 🙂

Ive been home a few times this semester.. well once really.. not as much as I would like but its hard to go home.. I know it shouldnt be because its my home.. full of people that love me.. but not so much each other.. and everyone knows im the baby of the family.. not the youngest.. but the most emotional.. dramatic as my mother would put it.. I will be the first to get my feelings hurt and the last to take things lightly.. and with the turmoil at the house I cant really take it.. I love my parents.. both of them.. and they make it hard to chose sides..

My dad came to visit for Alpha Xi Delta’s Dads Day at the Races!! and it was a very eventful weekend.. more productive than eventful really.. I have shelves! that are actually in the walls! and I have groceries.. thats a first! I can see my desk! its not cluttered with everything that needed to be on my shelves that reallly needed to be hung.. thats one of the things my dad is best at! well.. hes best at taking care of me in anyway that he can.. whether it be hanging my shelves so that it looks like i actually live in my apartment.. or buying me groceries that he knows i can/will cook knowing full well that he will have to endure wrath later for the money spent..  ❤ I love him.

I got my LSAT score back..167 not too great.. but not horrible.. I am going to re-take it again in December, assuming that I figure out a way to pay for it..I wish the government would consider more than just montary income when deciding who gets money and who doesnt.. I mean I know we’re not the worst off family but with this economy my dad cant find a job and my mom is providing for a family of 5.. and thats not easy on any salary..

My sister turns 17 in 6 days.. that is so scary.. she has become such an amazing woman.. she is slowly coming into her own and I am so proud of the accomplishments she has made so far..

My sweet sweet little brother.. wont be so little very soon.. he is now 12.. and playing football, baseball, and golf.. he really should focus on golf.. later on in life golf will be the sport that takes him the furthest.. He is so caring, and so genuine and I cant wait to see what he becomes.. he always texts me.. with misspelled words.. asking to Skype and just talk for a bit.. usually at the most inconvinent moments too.. we need to arrange a time to meet online!

My family means the world to me.. and its hard to watch it fall apart knowing there is nothing that I can do about it and that I am the only one who feels this way.. I know its going to affect my brother.. he doesnt know it yet.. but it will.. I think its hardest because I know the situation would be different if the economy was different.. my life hasnt always been the easiest but its mine.. I know most kids didnt have to go to therapy and I dont enjoy getting yelled at but it made me who I am today and I am a strong woman with a determination to succeed.. and that came from my parents.. not one, but both.. my mom is such an amazing person.. I strive to be any where near as successful as she is one day.. she is my goal.. and my dad is so caring.. I know we have our differences but we have a lot of similarities, and he trys.. so hard.. he has an ambition that i dont think anyone sees but me.. well me and suzy his sister.. she’s always seen it.. she pushes him daily.. and without the combination of the two I dont know where I would be today.. I certainly wouldnt be going to law school.. I wouldnt have any arguing skills.. I wouldnt be concerned about being able to provide for myself.. and I wouldnt have made it as far as I have.

Thats it for tonight I think.. I got kind of emotional reading my dads blog so I felt the need to get it out.. Im going to try and keep up a little bit more I promise.. off to bed I have an 8 a.m. class! on the bright side Bree is picking me up in her gorgeous brand new 2010 camero.. which makes going to school just a littllleee bit better

Sweet Dreams


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