Something Needs To Change

I cant figure out quite what it is..

my life is kind of at a stand still.. is that possible? for you life to be at a stand still when youre ridiculously busy? I feel like i do the same thing every day.. and chris and i have basically run out of things to talk about.. we just sit on the phone in silence.. because nothing changes.. school. work. homework. sleep. and repeat… i cant figure out if my relationship, or my life.. is on the rocks? or both? or even neither?

i put in my two weeks today. so as of november 12 i will no longer have to work past 5 pm. which is fantastic. none of my friends really go out anymore.. or they dont invite me out anymore? im not really sure which.. i need to change something.. i just dont know what it is.. any ideas?

for now im going to go to bed and wake up and start my day all over again. but maybe ill go halloween partying tomorrow night? we shall see..