Oh My Luck!

Today was a really good day! i got up relatively early and pretended like i was gonna study for accounting but i didnt really want to.. i got up and dressed and met Jersey at school to pretend study! then i took my accounting test.. i couldnt really tell if i knew the answers or if i was just guessing.. apparently i knew (or im a really good guesser) because i got an 82! on the test! which is my second 82 on a test in that class!

i had starbucks with a bunch of my friends after class! its really nice to get everyone together and talk and know that its okay that we’re all from different walks in life and we can all just hang out. I took my little (or she took me ) to get her flu shot today! i was not about to get a needle jabbed into my arm.. im fine with giving blood! but i am not a big fan of shots.. supposedly the flu vaccine is going to be huge this year!

Then Arielle and I went to hobby lobby. I decided today that I want to scrapbook my college life.. everything about it! the good the bad and the broken.

Then i had like a million hours of work. I painted some things at work