Busy Busy Day!

so i didnt get to sleep until 4 am! trying to figure out the whole cut and edit the commercial thing and then trying to email i took forever.. i ended up just putting it on youtube

incase you wanna watch it haha

so i got up this morning.. showered.. RUSHED to get ready.. (didnt do my hair! haha) wore a pair of black pants with a large tear through the croch (you couldnt see it, and they’re my only pair and i havent gotten them fixed!) and a magenta top, stylish haha..

i like RAN up the hill to old main thinking i was ridiculously late, but in the end i was okay..

i havent eaten or drank.. anything today because i am going to get blood work done after class.. hopefully quickly because i need to get on the road fast!

i also have to go to CVS and pick up my meds.

wash my car


do my  hair and make up

and make my portfolio for class!

so that when i get to dallas i look adorable and suprize my very unexpecting boyfriend!

this has been the hardest secret to keep

Last night i went to the Fort Sam Houston and had dinner with Bree and Brandon, we had steak and salmon and mashed potatoes. AND i brought ice cream cake and it was delicious!

the presentation went well! and now im ready to get out of this class and take care of my to do list!


Just an Update

its bed time but i thought i would update really fast! ummm i am going home this weekend and staying!!! until thanksgiving that is 🙂 today was not that bad… i had class and chapter.. this is a really lame update im sorry haha! im really tired!


TOMORROW i promise!

Not Such A Great Day

today was not such a great day…

tomorrow does not look too promising either but i thought i would update (mainly for caitlin)

this weekend was so amazing! i had a great time camping! it was time that we def. needed


it was very pretty and very very cold! thank goodness chris knows how to make an amazing fire! its not very fun having to deal without him every day but when we go and do fun things like this it makes it a bit easier!

when we came back chris went to best buy and got a TV! he was so excited it was adorable 🙂

of course sunday was not a very good day but in the end i have to remember that everything happens for a reason, in every part of my life! well every life in general 🙂

i will update later but this is it for now 🙂 haha xo

Ok So.

i know its been forever! im sorry! i have been very very busy recently!

this past week in my life! lets see if i can remember! ill start with.. last thursday

thursday – thursday night i went 4 Wheeling!! until 6 in the morning! then i went to the gym and to class.. and then to bed! it was amazing let me show you!


friday – obviously ^^ gym class bed.. and then!! i went and sang karoken and played rockband


saturday – my dad came into town! sat night was dad’s night at the horse races! which was super fun! all of my pictures are with the man that was there taking them because my camera is dead and i can not find the charger to save my life.. but trust me we had a grand time!

sunday – my dad cleaned my apartment! and then went home and i rested all day.. it was a very busy weekend!

monday – i went to school and then to the dentist! had a cavity filled and found out i had an abscess on my tooth.. and i needed to get a root canal! it was also Sarah (my little)’s birthday! she turned 20! happy birthday sarah!!!! so i spent the day (post dentist operation) getting her bday present stuff, and her little apprecation gift and caitlin’s big apprecation gifts together! and then monday night we went to olive garden for her bday! and then caitlin and i had to RUSH! to the gym so i could make it to the 9pm volleyball game (i was late) AND i forgot my shoes.. interesting game .. which we lost.. oh well! next time! DG is just too baller for us


tuesday – was Big Little Appreciation!! we had a great day of i appreciate yous! and then chapter where i turned in my letter to nomcom, and then dinner at Los Cucos with the family! i got LOTS! of presents! it was fantastic


wednesday – … was horrible..  i was in pain all day because over night my abscess like quadroupled in size.. i was in SEARING pain .. and this is when i scheduled my root canal for the following day 😦 wednesday night i worked at CRI and while on surveys i was very nauseous and vomiting.. super fun. then i went home and tried to sleep.. which didnt really work due to the pain (similar to the night before)

thursday – i had a root canal. at 10 am. it was painful.. and gross.. and it still hurts but its getting better! thursday night was my last night at CRI for this year.. haha yay! im ready to just rest for a bit!

TODAY! – i had a busy day! i had class at 9:30 (which i was late to.. oh well) .. i have work (where i am now) and im am supposed to show a girl around my apartment and then go to the animal shelter for a class and video a commercial ( with no make up on or hair done) and then i have to go shopping for groceries! and then camping with christopher!! im so excited!

update soon!!! xoxoxo

Interesting At 20..

Ive decided to help keep myself caught up on the news that i am going to post each day the things that i find interesting.. (which is def. not all of it) soo here goes from this weekend..


Number of Kids on Medication Jumps Alarmingly

The number of children who take medication for chronic diseases has jumped dramatically, another troubling sign that many of the youngest Americans are struggling with obesity, doctors say.

The number of children who take pills for type 2 diabetes — the kind that’s closely linked to obesity — more than doubled from 2002 to 2005, to a rate of six out of 10,000 children. That suggests that at least 23,000 privately insured children in the USA are now taking diabetes medications, according to authors of the new study in Monday’s Pediatrics. Doctors also saw big increases in prescriptions for high cholesterol, asthma and attention deficit and hyperactivity. There was smaller growth for drugs for depression and high blood pressure.

–odd how close to home that hits.. —

Nasa Chooses Nov. 14 Launch for Endeavour

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (AP) — With a visit to the Hubble Space Telescope off until next spring at the earliest, NASA on Thursday chose Nov. 14 for its next space shuttle launch, a flight by Endeavour to the international space station.

The Hubble repair mission had been planned for this month, but was postponed until next year because of problems with the orbiting telescope. The telescope is beaming back pictures again, but the spare part needed to completely resolve the issue won’t be ready to fly before May, officials said Thursday.

— yay for the space ship! did you know there was a guy living in space? news to me! —

Voters Offered Free Coffee, Ice Cream, Bubbly and Sex Toys

If the contest between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama wasn’t enough to get you to brave long lines at the polls, how about the prospect of free products?

These are some of the freebies that companies are offering customers who participate in the electoral process:

Ben & Jerry’s will give voters free ice cream.
Starbucks will give voters a free small coffee.
Krispy Kreme will give voters a free “star shaped doughnut with patriotic sprinkles.”
Todd Conner‘s, a bar in Baltimore, will give voters a free beer.
Shane’s Rib Shack will give voters a free “Vote America meal,” which consists of chicken tenders and a beverage.
Anaheim White House, a restaurant in California, will give voters a free bottle of champagne, according to the Orange County Register.
Zoo Atlanta is cutting admission prices for voters and their families, according to WXIA-TV.

Finally, an adult store is giving away sex toys that we can’t describe in any detail.

“We’re expecting a good response,” Pamela Doan, a Babeland spokeswoman, tells MSNBC. “Both of these toys are very popular. The Maverick retails for $20 and the Silver Bullet retails for $15. It’s a good reward.”

———everyone is getting into the spirit of voting! im going to be in line to for tomorrow for ever! but i wanted my first vote for the president (McCain) to be on election day! maybe next time ill vote early! this time, i want the full on experience! VOTE NOV. 4 ——–

Name That Dog

a fun interactive quiz online that i know my big will love – try it!  http://www.usatoday.com/life/lifestyle/2008-06-24-dog-dna-quiz_N.htm

New York Times

Republicans Scrambling To Save Seats In Congress

WASHINGTON — Outspent and under siege in a hostile political climate, Congressional Republicans scrambled this weekend to save embattled incumbents in an effort to hold down expected Democratic gains in the House and Senate on Tuesday.

With the election imminent, Senate Republicans threw their remaining resources into protecting endangered lawmakers in Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Oregon, while House Republicans were forced to put money into what should be secure Republican territory in Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia and Wyoming.

Sensing an extraordinary opportunity to expand their numbers in both the House and Senate, Democrats were spending freely on television advertising across the campaign map. Senate Democrats were active in nine states where Republicans are running for re-election; House Democrats, meanwhile, bought advertising in 63 districts, twice the number of districts where Republicans bought advertisements and helped candidates.

———— so if Obama wins… the democrats take over the house and senate?? oh goodness this would be a rough four years… did you know on the nytimes.com site if you highlight a word it gives you the option to look up the definition? that is a great option —-

The Top 10 Movies According to NYTimes.com

—– time to get out and watch some movies!!! —-



2 Minor Quakes Hit Dallas-Fort Worth Area

DALLAS – Two minor earthquakes shook the Dallas-Fort Worth area late on Thursday and early on Friday, but no significant damage was immediately reported.

The U.S. Geological Survey said an earthquake with a 2.5 magnitude was reported at 11:25 p.m. Thursday, centered in the Grand Prairie area.

The agency said a slightly stronger quake, at 3.0 magnitude, occurred at 12:01 a.m. Friday, centered in Irving about 10 miles west of Dallas.

—————- EARTHQUAKES IN DALLAS? who would have thought? ——————

I Love Dressing Down!

I just thought i would add a few more pictures from halloween! My costume was so comfortable! i never felt self conscious or out of place 🙂 which was amazing! i had a great time with everywhere we went!

Thursday Night : Kappa Sigma

Friday Night: Phi Psi –> Phi Delt/Delt –> Pi Kap –> Phi Delt/Delt –> Taco Cabana!!


YaY for Halloween!!