The History Channel and I

We are becoming the best of friends 🙂

Today ive watched documentaries about giant spiders, large squids and big foot sightings and i havent even felt the need to change the channel! i mean we all know that these things arnt real.. or at least they’re not scientifically documented, but scientist are finding new things every week/month/year!

I found my jacket today! at the Dick’s Sporting Goods near chris’ apt! it was very exciting ! and i bought it haha!

after the new year my life gets hectic all over again! this weekend im going to Austin/San Marcos to watch my sister play in the Austin volleyball tournament! which is exciting because i get to see my little! right when i get back i have to go babysit for my aunt, its my four cousins.. 14, 12, 7, and 4! the youngest two are my favorites because there is never a dull moment! a few years ago i lived with them and its a lot of fun to have them around, they’re so sweet! and they’re also great birth control! i dont know how my aunt does it… 4 kids is a lot! but they’re adorable and i am excited! after that school starts.. Jan 20th i believe.. and the following weekend there is a wedding show in sugarland! the 25th is Chris’ birthday! 25 on the 25th! isnt that cute.. i mean manly of course..  I think he may be coming up to SM the following weekend to hang out but im not sure what the plans are 🙂

Anyway back to the History Channel! loove love love!




Planning, Planning and STRESS!

So i know ive gotten really bad about updating! i promise it will get better as soon as school starts! christmas was fun! i got a lot of things that i wanted.. a new white northface denali, a gps, perfume (i didnt even know i wanted perfume? but i love it!!) and… giftcards OH! and jewerly! cant leave that off! anyways!

It was a great christmas because not only did i get to spend time with my family, time with chris (and his family!) but i also got to see my big!! she got me the cutest bag! which i used for the first time yesterday when chris, bree, brandon and i all went to Dave and Busters!

Now its down to business! today i ordered my driving record so that i can take it to the court before Jan 22! and they said it takes 5 business days to do.. so good timing i think! then i figured it was time to figure out my school schedule (AGAIN!!!) i forgot to pay so i lost ALL of my classes… and NOW! 2 of my classes only have one opening and @ of them only have 2 openings.. then one has 4 and one has 56 (im not worried about that one!) but one with one and one with two  are classes that I HAVE! to take this semester or i wont graduate next december!!! which is very stressful! so pray for me January 9th at 4pm haha!!

today i have a dermotologist appt. at like 2 and then im going to hang out with bree and brandon at the convention center while jaz is competing! it should be fun!

ill update soon i promise!!

ooh! and i have a wishpot now! get excited!! xo




Christmas – The Busiest Time of Year!

I know, I know…  I have not updated in a long long time! Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for me! After the stress of finals wore off I drove home to Dallas with (I think) a 3.4! which is still!!! .1 away from Deans list! again!! ugh.. but that’s okay it is still good! Somehow my classes for next semester are missing :/which means.. i think? that i have to re register ALL over again and hope to God that I get the classes that I have to take…

My schedule so far has not been very relieving..wednesday I spent the day with my family and the night with chris! he gave me my first christmas present 🙂 a beautiful 1837 Tiffanys ring! i love it!!  Thursday i had my sisters banquet dinner which started at 6 and ended at 10!! PM!! 4 hours.. Friday morning my sister and i got up and drove to San Marcos to watch my best friend walk across the stage 😦 I cant believe she’s really done.. It’s going to be so weird for me not having her in San Marcos.. she’s been there since I transferred in 2007… Ive learned so much from her and taken so much from our experiences together but it wont be the same without her there… Saturday was my 19th Fudge Party… My mom has been throwing these parties since I was 3 years old.. each year we send out invitations to come and do crafts and make fudge.. the parties are relatively famous in Arlington and there are always twice as many people as expected… crafts are always fun for the kids (and for me because i don’t think i will ever outgrow crafts) we always go to Hobby Lobby and pick up a lot of the unpainted Christmas ornaments, and other fun ideas and set up stations around the house 🙂 the fudge recipe is very easy, every child brings a pan, a can and a bag!  and the parties are always fun

1 can of condensed milk

1 package of chocolate chips

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 teaspoon of salt

heat, stir, melt, add any ingredients that you may desire.. such as nuts! and then pour the mix into a greased brownie pan and put it in the freezer 🙂

after the party i drove to Dallasand relaxed with chris, he surprised me by already having rented movies to watch that night, Kung FuPanda and Stepbrothers.. both very funny! Today is a day for rest, I was served a delicious breakfast (around lunch time!) and watched a really interesting HD show on Rorima, which is like a lost world plataeu in Venezuela.. now I am watching Home Alone and watching my computer die slowly.. my charger is at the house.. of course!

Tomorrow I have court at 11am to prove that I took defensive driving in 2006.. stupid.. but i did and i have the certificate to prove it! so now i just have to go waste my time by showing them they’re wrong 🙂 and Tuesday we drive to Houston for Christmas!! and then my life slows down (hopefully!)

thats it for my update for now.. i am at like 17% battery life left so I will update later 🙂

Happy Holidays 🙂

December Already!

I just can not believe it is already December. 

Thanksgiving was AmAzing! i had so much fun spending time with chris and my family 🙂 i drove home last friday and made it just in time to suprize him! i think he was still kind of shaky about an hour after i got there 🙂 the apartment is adorable! although a bit of a mess 🙂 but he didnt know i was coming so fair enough i think…

Wednesday my dad and Chris fried turkeys and I got an oil change (and an inspection) AND my registration done.. it was a very eventful day!

Thanksgiving was spent in Houston with both families. it is very hard to balance between the two! but it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone!

Chris woke me up at 7:30 AM on black friday to go shopping :/ .. who would have known he would be pulling ME out of bed to go shopping.. shouldnt it be the other way around?  after a very ( very ) long day we drove back to Dallas to rest for the weekend (or so we thought)

Saturday was filled with more shopping.. who would have guessed! and then we spent the night at my house cleaning and setting up for christmas!

Sunday my family had pictures made for all of our cards and for my grandmothers birthday present! it was very fun to get everyone together 🙂 I left Sunday night for San Marcos around 7 and did not get in until MIDNIGHT!!!! 5 hours for a 3 1/2 hour drive.. traffic was horrible! but i made it safe and sound! and then fell fast asleep 🙂

this week will be a busy week i think, getting ready for christmas and finding an internship for next semester. AND studying for finals (and tests)… busy busy busy!  but i will do my best to update a lot so that everyone knows what is going on in my life!

thats it for now. im going to play around and then go work out and then study!