Ok So.

i know its been forever! im sorry! i have been very very busy recently!

this past week in my life! lets see if i can remember! ill start with.. last thursday

thursday – thursday night i went 4 Wheeling!! until 6 in the morning! then i went to the gym and to class.. and then to bed! it was amazing let me show you!


friday – obviously ^^ gym class bed.. and then!! i went and sang karoken and played rockband


saturday – my dad came into town! sat night was dad’s night at the horse races! which was super fun! all of my pictures are with the man that was there taking them because my camera is dead and i can not find the charger to save my life.. but trust me we had a grand time!

sunday – my dad cleaned my apartment! and then went home and i rested all day.. it was a very busy weekend!

monday – i went to school and then to the dentist! had a cavity filled and found out i had an abscess on my tooth.. and i needed to get a root canal! it was also Sarah (my little)’s birthday! she turned 20! happy birthday sarah!!!! so i spent the day (post dentist operation) getting her bday present stuff, and her little apprecation gift and caitlin’s big apprecation gifts together! and then monday night we went to olive garden for her bday! and then caitlin and i had to RUSH! to the gym so i could make it to the 9pm volleyball game (i was late) AND i forgot my shoes.. interesting game .. which we lost.. oh well! next time! DG is just too baller for us


tuesday – was Big Little Appreciation!! we had a great day of i appreciate yous! and then chapter where i turned in my letter to nomcom, and then dinner at Los Cucos with the family! i got LOTS! of presents! it was fantastic


wednesday – … was horrible..  i was in pain all day because over night my abscess like quadroupled in size.. i was in SEARING pain .. and this is when i scheduled my root canal for the following day 😦 wednesday night i worked at CRI and while on surveys i was very nauseous and vomiting.. super fun. then i went home and tried to sleep.. which didnt really work due to the pain (similar to the night before)

thursday – i had a root canal. at 10 am. it was painful.. and gross.. and it still hurts but its getting better! thursday night was my last night at CRI for this year.. haha yay! im ready to just rest for a bit!

TODAY! – i had a busy day! i had class at 9:30 (which i was late to.. oh well) .. i have work (where i am now) and im am supposed to show a girl around my apartment and then go to the animal shelter for a class and video a commercial ( with no make up on or hair done) and then i have to go shopping for groceries! and then camping with christopher!! im so excited!

update soon!!! xoxoxo


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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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