Busy Busy Day!

so i didnt get to sleep until 4 am! trying to figure out the whole cut and edit the commercial thing and then trying to email i took forever.. i ended up just putting it on youtube

incase you wanna watch it haha

so i got up this morning.. showered.. RUSHED to get ready.. (didnt do my hair! haha) wore a pair of black pants with a large tear through the croch (you couldnt see it, and they’re my only pair and i havent gotten them fixed!) and a magenta top, stylish haha..

i like RAN up the hill to old main thinking i was ridiculously late, but in the end i was okay..

i havent eaten or drank.. anything today because i am going to get blood work done after class.. hopefully quickly because i need to get on the road fast!

i also have to go to CVS and pick up my meds.

wash my car


do my  hair and make up

and make my portfolio for class!

so that when i get to dallas i look adorable and suprize my very unexpecting boyfriend!

this has been the hardest secret to keep

Last night i went to the Fort Sam Houston and had dinner with Bree and Brandon, we had steak and salmon and mashed potatoes. AND i brought ice cream cake and it was delicious!

the presentation went well! and now im ready to get out of this class and take care of my to do list!


2 thoughts on “Busy Busy Day!

  1. i hope you’re having fun at home & that chris was super surprised- i’m proud of you for keeping that secret, you know i wouldn’t have been able to keep a surprise like that haha
    btw- being home isn’t an excuse to not blog. it just means you must blog more often, so i know what’s going on with you (bc i don’t talk on the phone ever, much less in sugarland haha)
    ❤ your big

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