Oh My Luck!

Today was a really good day! i got up relatively early and pretended like i was gonna study for accounting but i didnt really want to.. i got up and dressed and met Jersey at school to pretend study! then i took my accounting test.. i couldnt really tell if i knew the answers or if i was just guessing.. apparently i knew (or im a really good guesser) because i got an 82! on the test! which is my second 82 on a test in that class!

i had starbucks with a bunch of my friends after class! its really nice to get everyone together and talk and know that its okay that we’re all from different walks in life and we can all just hang out. I took my little (or she took me ) to get her flu shot today! i was not about to get a needle jabbed into my arm.. im fine with giving blood! but i am not a big fan of shots.. supposedly the flu vaccine is going to be huge this year!

Then Arielle and I went to hobby lobby. I decided today that I want to scrapbook my college life.. everything about it! the good the bad and the broken.

Then i had like a million hours of work. I painted some things at work



So yesterday we finally finished fixing my computer


which is ridiculous

but on the bright side my blog is going to start being updated daily again! i know so exciting.. ive had a pretty good month so far.. i cant believe its already October.. and like mid October at that.. Im trying to think of everything thats happened over the past month but really nothing too exciting.. except for today!

today was Big Little Reveal! and i finally got to tell Sarah that she is my little! and i got to give her the present that i was so excited about! i should have taken a picture of it! i will later…

ALSO! we offically named and put together our family. we are the Giraffe Family! and the print is so adorable! the upcoming months are very full and very important! and kind of nerve recking! but we will see

Upcoming Months:

Mass Comm Job Fair Oct. 20

Little’s Birthday Nov.. th haha..

NomCom Nov 11



Alpha Xi Delta Stuff

and of course WORK! ugh..

but i am going home to spend Christmas break in Dallas with my family and with Chris! which is very exciting! its been getting harder to be away for such long periods of time.. 😦

anyway i have an accounting test tomorrow (which i only KIND of studied for) so i have to go to bed so that i can get up a little early and study a bit!


Retreat Today!

Im at work doing the small amount of filing that they had available and the phone hasnt even rang once.. aka no point in my being here other than computer access.. which at the moment is necessary! i had to pay my tuition today.. somehow i forgot about it completely… not that forgetting is unusual for me. I wish i could have stayed in bed all day today but i had a 9:30 class (that i was on time to) and a paper to type up..

I got a 93 on my first paper! unfortantly the second paper was not so successful.. it would have been if i had edited it a little more.. w/o GSP (grammar, spelling, punctation) mistakes i had a 90… and i have 5 GSP mistakes.. work 5 points each.. aka 65.. yuck.. but the good news is that we have a chance to rewrite the papers in like 2 weeks for more points 🙂 only our second and third papers though.. which is good because i aced the first one! it’s funny because I LOVE writing…but i am not too fond of punctuation.. i dont mind spelling… mainly because i have spell check now..

Today is Alpha Xi Delta Chapter Retreat (oohs and ahhhs!)… we get to drive like 45 minutes away to a cowboy bunk bed bungaloo and hang out with all of the sisters.. yay! haha.. umm so yah im TOTALLy.. not looking forward to it because i would love more than anything to just lay in bed all night tonight.. i even have to leave early because i have work at 10 am! yuck… but sunday.. sunday i will be in bed ALLLL Day!

you should be very proud of me! i was going to get lunch today and i drove up to mcdonalds and EVEN got in the drivethrough.. and then decided that i was going to eat subway instead! and i drove AWAY! yay me!! and i havent had ice cream in forever.. (like a week) but i do still drink starbucks.. :(.. BABY STEPS! haha anyway .. ive lost like… 2 lbs.. maybe.. but i am starting to see a change..

I STILL DONT HAVE A COMPUTER i hate dell i hate dell i hate dell.. i know its not their fault.. its the process they have to follow its just very aggravating.. idk what do do anymore…


anyways im going to go pack for the retreat! bye!!



Oh My Oh My

wednesday ALREADY! this week has flown by!! i dont really have time to update right now because i have one hour before i have to go to my OTHER job.. and i have to make a resume and do my accounting homework like now! so i just wanted to say hi and im alive and ill be back later..


i would update much more often if DELL would fix my computer.. ugh ..