A New Chapter

today is the real new chapter in my life, and the close of an old one.

today i got all of my stuff back, got rid of all of his stuff and now im just me.. by myself.. and im happy and most importantly i didnt feel a thing no regret no sadness no anything.. just content to be me..

i really dont have much to update it has been a really relaxed month so far, upcoming i have  a bunch of tests and a bunch of fun to be had! tomorrow night one of my best friends is taking me to the San Antonio rodeo to see Brooks and Dunn in concert! and i am so excite because Saturday I am going with her to see Cross Canadian Ragweed! and we always have a fantastic time together 🙂

this month my goals are to …

clean my room

meet new people

go home one weekend

get A’s on my tests

and.. keep up on my life 🙂

ill update after the concert tomorrow!