iOS 7 is out!

So I’ve officially updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 7! I am very excited for all the new changes! The LA Times says the software update may be a bigger change than the introduction of the  iPhone 5s/c! They release a new iPhone roughly every year, so as much as I want my phone to open with my FINGERPRINT; I know it is fiscally responsible to wait until next year when they release the iPhone 6 (fingers crossed it can display holograms or something ridiculous like that.)

iOS 7 has a cleaner look, everything that was once black is now white; they adopted a minimalist approach! They improved the multitasking function, added a control center, and new photo options and organization. Also, the iPhone apps faces were redesigned, and now if you move your iPhone around the background moves with you!

One of the features I am super excited about is AirDrop! What I assume the comparative feature would be in the market would be the Samsung smartphone’s ability to bump two phones together to wirelessly transfer photos and other files. AirDrop essentially does the same thing by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to create a temporary connection between two devices in order to transfer files.

Another fun update occurred in Camera.  Camera has a slicker look, and gives you more tools to edit photos. The app also provides in screen options for switching between shooting modes: Photo, Panorama, Square, and Video. The new square mode changes the aspect ratio from a rectangle to a square. This feature makes photos more Instagram-friendly.\

Also, Siri now searches TWITTER! Yay! He (she can now be a boy!) can also play my favorite songs, change my settings, and answer follow-up questions! I am very excited for my new operating system!


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