Busy Busy Weekend!

I know I did not update at all this week but I was very busy! It was all legal/law school stuff and I will not bore you with the details 🙂 Good News: I lost 10 lbs! and I biked around 40 miles this week!
This weekend started off wonderfully! I worked at the DA’s office and went to Allison & Mitch’s engagement party Friday night! My roommate is so wonderful! She asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Yay! Just another reason to slim down, wedding photos are always fun!


Saturday morning I got up and ran a 5K for Run or Dye OKC! Minus the fact that the weather was awful, it was a lot of fun! The race was delayed for an hour and a half due to lightening but it cleared up enough to run! We finished the race in 36 minutes (12min/mi) which is great considering I did not train. Did I mention I raced in a tutu?


Rebecca and I ran together!
Basil ran in Michael’s place!







After the race we had Hatton Sumner’s dinner with the whole crew at The Wedge – Downtown OKC! A. I love pizza. B. The Wedge has vegan crust and cheese so it was the perfect location for dinner!

Today I woke up feeling awful, my nose is stuffy, my head is foggy, I can’t breathe, and I’m pretty sure it is because I ran in the rain yesterday. Michael and I took Moose to Whole Foods to get breakfast, then we went on an 8 mile bike ride before I had to be at work.


We rode all through downtown, around Myriad Gardens, and back! If my body was not exhausted after that it will be soon. From 4-6, I have powderpuff football practice, which means more running.. yay! Come on body! I know you are sore, exhausted, achy, and you can’t breathe… but we can do this! Wish me luck


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