New Type of Countdown

So the test is over. I now know all of the laws for nothing. Before you ask, we have no idea how we did – results come out at the end of April (projected for April 29). Feeling okay about it but worst case scenario, we retake in July. But in better news, we leave for Europe in 5 days!!

We will have a rough two days to begin our trip. We leave Saturday on an overnight from New York City for London, switch airports and head to our first location! Prague! Any tips for things to leave and things to pack, bring it on! 


Published by hotpinkpearls

31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

3 thoughts on “New Type of Countdown

  1. I dont know if you’re backpacking or suitcasing- we suitcased 7 touristy cities in ~3 weeks. I wish I would have taken a better day pack- I took an oversized camera bag that didn’t disperse weight well and wishes for a Jansport the entire time. We also took okc postcards and left them at every b&b we stayed.

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