After what felt like.. basically a MILLION hour drive.. i finailly got home last night! on the way 35 closed down to one lane of traffic.. 3 times!!! it was very aggravating.. but its okay because i am here!! and at the moment its kind of nice because i am the only one here… i havent been the only one anywhere in awhile.. but the amusement of being by myself will wear off very quickly 🙂

my big also left last night to go home, and im glad she made it alright.. we kept seeing accidents left and right i figured yesterday was the day for accidents! but everyone is safe! idk what i would do with out her.. probably go insane.. which is what is going to happen in december.. ugh.. the day she moves out is the day i disappear.. i locked my door today.. which is rare.. because for once.. i dont trust that no one will go in there.. and thats really weird for me.. anyways..

Still without a lap top as of this day.. and get this.. Dell told me they were going to send me a box *(empty) so that i could send them my lap top so they could fix it. at this point ive given up fighting about getting it done quickly..  its just not going to happen.. SO! then they called me and told me i wouldnt even get the box until tuesday or wednesday because its on back order… im sorry what? boxes..EMPTY boxes.. are on back order? figures.. so im stuck without my lap top for another.. x amount of days..

today is what, friday? i love fridays.. esp. at home i dont really  have much to do today, im going to the dr. office a little later, maybe ill stop by bobby v’s and get some queso.. which would be horrible for my diet but as of right now i still weigh 171lbs. i worked out yesterday before i left and the night before i played competitive vb for like 2 hours.. so im very happy that i am keeping up with my exercise… dieting.. is a little bit harder for me.. they JUST built a new starbucks in our school… its like perfect access.. ugh.. but im not really drinking anything other than water.. except for the occasional diet coke.. and i knew this weekend was going to be a bad diet weekend anyways because i was coming home and i dont want to subject my family into eating what i want to eat.. i mean if my dad wants to cook steaks and mashed potatoes who am i to say no? mmm…


everyone is either at work, or at school so i am going to shower and get pretty and go play around the town by myself for a bit 🙂




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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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