Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

in that order..


i couldnt blog because MY COMPUTER IS STILL MESSED UP… screw you Dell.. anyway.. I had a pretty good day I had my Dr. appointment for my ADD and i spent like an hour in the office trying to “breathe and relax” enough to get my blood pressue down to a point where the dr. felt comfortable prescribing me medication.. which is dumb because

a. i know i have high blood pressure

b. it says IN MY FILE (from my cardiologist) that it is OKAY for me to take this medication and

c. she is not my cardiologist so she shouldnt worry about it.. i know my body is messed up.. dont make my mind messed up too 🙂

anyways after that was class which wasnt too bad.. Spanish (learned nothing) other than that Spain, the word, means land of many rabbits.. weird i know..  then i went to the gym and did the eliptical and abs and a little bit of weights..

yesterday i weighed.. 171.4 🙂 thats a reduction of almost 3 lbs.. aka water weight lol

then class again! and then i had like an hour before i had to be ready and gorgeous and the sorority house for chapter (which i ended up not going to)

it takes about 10 minutes to get to the busses and wait for you bus to get there.. usually.. and then its another 10 minutes taking the route around and making all the stops, until i get to where i park every day. and its another 5 to find my car.. which i never remember where i park.. and the to fight the traffic to get off campus is probably about another 10.. so all in all ive already wasted 35 minutes just getting off campus.. they should really reconsider how they run their busses.  anyways… then i went and dropped of my perscription (which was going to take an hr. to be ready) AND i was starving, i hadnt had time to eat all day.. so on my health kick i was craving a grilled chicken cesar salad.. (didnt happen) .. at this point it was already around 6 o’ clock and i had homework to do along with eating, picking up my prescription and trying to fix my computer (STILL NOT DONE!!) so i decided that in object of time.. chapter was just not im my cards for the day.. Out of my things to do i called two of my friends and convinced them to go get dinner with me.. we ended up at River Pub where they did not serve cesar salad.. so i got the special.. a penne pasta with breaded chicken breast on top.. not delicious.. i also had chips and queso *not in my diet 😦 * AND i ruined my diet yesterday with dessert (which was amazing- but i shouldnt have eaten it) theen i picked up my prescription, did my homework for my test today, and tried to fix my computer(failure)…

then it was bed time..


my plan was to get up early and go work out.. but i was having such a great dream that i did NOT want to leave my bed.. I was on an island with my boyfriend and my family and my mom’s friend’s family? it was similar to a vacation that i took with my family ( and my boyfriend) this summer.. and i think that was a vacation i never wanted to wake up from either.. I think being with him in my dreams is better than nothing, and def. enough to keep me in bed.  Dell called around 9 am to fix my computer and then told me that their system was going through a 3hr. update so they would have to call me later ( fine by me because i was not awake) .. unfortantly they called me while i was in class taking my Business Law test..which i think i ACED!.. we shall see.. then they called again during work (which is where i am now) and i missed it because my phone was on silent.. so im hoping they call soon because at my other job, i cant answer my phone and try and fix my computer.. it just wouldnt happen.. anyways..

im at work now and today i had another frappachino.. basically as my lunch (not a good start) but i figure as long as i eat vegetables and drink lots of water that maybeee it will balance out, and tomorrow will be a better day.. 🙂

Wednesdays and Fridays are always my busiest days.. because i have school and work, but 2 jobs.. not just one.. granted i LOVE both of my jobs.. i always kind of wish i just had a little more time to myself.. so once i leave here i will go to my second job and call who knows which section of our beautiful united states and aggravate everyone while they’re so called “eating dinner with their family” i feel like half the people who tell me that are lying.. which is fine.. i wouldnt want to talk to me either.. but the research is vital to the companies around the area’s where we call..

Incase my computer is STILL not fixed by tomorrow I figured i would just blog a little ahead of time


is thursday!!! which means (hopefully) after work i will be leaving for Dallas to go see my family and my boyfriend! and i am soo excited.. i have a friday lab that i would have to miss but i sent an email to my teacher asking if it was okay for me to do the quizzes online at the same time that everyone else would be doing them, and then just turn my paper in by email.. we will see what he says.. if not then ill be leaving friday as soon as my lab is over 🙂 either way i am so stoked to go home for the church picnic and to see my family and chris. 

tomorrow is class. work out. class. work. so its kind of a busy day.. and im not sure WHAT ill eat yet but im really working on that diet idea and exercising is going really well i think.. i cant wait to start really seeing results 🙂

thats it for now.




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