School Is Starting Again Soon!!

Well every day grows closer to the beginning of my second to last semester at school.. and i could not be more excited!! Yesterday I went to WFAA and job shadowed Gloria Campos in her kind of everyday work. It was so much fun watching what it takes to create the news we watch every night at 5/6/10! I got really great advice from Shelly Slater, a younger reporter/anchor at WFAA; she told me that its not glamorous. You do your own make up, your own hair and in the beginning you write and film your own stories. Getting everything set up and ready is hard work.. you sweat and heave the equiptment around and then you have to turn around and get pretty again and film your own stuff. She also warned me that once you start out there are some creepy people out there.. she’s had a stalker before… horrible i think!!

Anyways.. none of my classes are right yet.. well i take that back two out of the five are right.. and only 3 out of the five are registered!! ughh!!! but on the bright side my big found her wedding dress today!!! its goorgeous!!

i have had the worst back pains for the past week! and i dont know how to fix them.. i sit in the massage chair every day and it is not getting much better.. and the worst part is that i have NO idea how it happened! i just want it to go away..

anyways now i am just sitting at home relaxing and waiting for dinner.. steak, shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled in picante sauce, bacon wrapped jalapenos and potatoes!! 🙂 it will be delicious!

❤ love