Today I Was Useless!

Sassy made me get up early today! By early I mean around 11 a.m… We got up and.. well did nothing.  We had lunch and dessert and watched TV.  We played outside, and inside, and showered and really that was all we accomplished this morning.

I called my advisor and yet again.. no call back.. he is killing me on this class schedule thing! He only calls me back when i tell him that I wont be available (aka he wont have to talk to me!) stupid.. but tomorrow i will be relentless!

Tonight I made dinner for my brother and my sister.. (if you could call it that) i fixed.. mini corn dogs, mini hamburgers (which i burnt half of) and crispy crowns! (delicious) and i was very proud of myself! I also made an appointment for Sassy to go to the vet! Friday at 2.. i dont think she is excited as I am 🙂

well off to bed for me! and sas!