If Its Broken, Can It Be Fixed?

This weekend I spent a very needed weekend with my big and her family in Sugarland! It was soo much fun to be back in a family environment! I miss her so much, it is so hard without her here because ive never actually had to be without her here.. since the semester i transferred to the semester before my last… I cant imagine not having her advice and her arms and her brain to remind me of everything that I need and I want and I deserve.. I cant imagine my life without her 🙂

This weekend we did so many fun things and I got to take my mind off of real life for a few days.. It was nice to go out and relax and just hang out with my big and her family, who really feel like my family (my second family at least). When I am with them very rarely do I get sad.. upset maybe but not sad.. unfortuantly I cant be there all the time because I have 15 hours to take care of this semester and I want Deans List! I’ve missed it the last two semester because I  had a 3.4 and a 3.47… Ridiculous! ROUND UP! 🙂 haha sorry..

So my title hasnt been addressed yet.. Here is my issue.. I dont know what I want with my life.. I am still so in love with a man that I am not with.. and after talking to him, he is doing the things that I wanted him to do.. getting a hobby, saving, and hanging out with friends and networking.. and I cant take that away from him .. Everyone tells me that I am better off and I just cant help but hurt..

any suggestions? i want to fix it but i dont know if you can fix something thats really broken..