Last Day

Tonight is my last night in Dallas…

Do you know what I am doing? Eating Ice Cream! for the last time.. I’ve decided that once I get back I am going to change my eating habits drastically! I did a BMI test today and mine is.. 24.4 which is like.5 points away from overweight… so no more icecream, fried foods, or any of the stuff that you can tell is really bad for you (or me) and lots and lots of water, veggies, and fruits!

Today I took Sassy to the vet.. no worms, no ear mites, but she has to take ear mite medicine because she thinks that she has them but that she couldnt see them.. she also has yeast infections in her ears and on her tummy.. 😦 and she started her parvo shots today.. i think she is a little old to be starting but i didnt know she hadnt had her first shot… and the vet said it was fine.. the cool part was that our vets last name is McDaniel.. i thought that was nice 🙂 she goes back in three weeks for shot two. I also got her a new collar (this makes 3 haha) its yellow with a bell so now i know where she is in the dark!

I am off to bed now i have to get up early to pack (cuz i was way too lazy today to pack 😦 ..) sweet dreams!