Today is the End..But Tomorrow is the Beginning

Today my life feels like it kind of came to a halt.. and it is hard.. and it is painful.. and i am crying but i am trying to keep in mind that each day is a new beginning and although it is not very fun right now, it will get better.. The hardet part for me is that yes I am sad and yes I am hurt and yes I am crying but my bestfriend is not here to hold me while I cry like she usually is.. She is in spirit but not in presence.. and I wish she was, more than anything.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my last day of winter break.. Tuesday starts my senior year, and my last year at Texas State! I got a new roommate and she is awesome, her name is Megan and she is from Wisconsin. but today.. today is still hard.. and im looking forward to tomorrow

im sorry i dont have more to write.. i wish i could put everything i am feeling into words but i cant.. basically its like a hole in the bottom of my stomach that gets bigger everytime i think about it and every time i think about it i cry.. and everytime i cry i get a headache and my face hurts.. so basically i just hurt.. and im sad and hurt…

tomorrow will be a better day..

i love you still