There Are 220 Media Broadcast Markets in the US

and i have to work my way up from the bottom.. so looking at this list I have planned out a map of how i would ideally like this to work


In Order

239. Key West, Florida

214. Wailuku, Hawaii

204. Hilo Hawaii

170. Grand Junction, Colorado

144. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

137. Palm Springs, California

113. Syracuse, New York

71. Fort Myers, Florida

69. Colorado Springs, Colorado

61. Honolulu, Hawaii

42. West Palm Beach, Florida

34. Colombus, Ohio

17. San Diego, California

11. Houston, Texas!

and of course maybe after that

8. Boston, Massachusetts

6. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

3. Chicago, Illinois

1. New York City, New York


only time will tell but out of all of the cities.. this is my map 🙂


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31 and in love with life! I was a prosecutor in the State of Oklahoma until I uprooted my life and moved back to Texas. Now, I am taking ANOTHER bar exam.. stay tuned

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