Its Nice To Catch Up

Tonight I got to talk to my bestfriend from Missouri 🙂 She is one of the best people I know, shes 21 with a 10 month old baby girl and recently engaged to an airforce officer stationed in Germany and about to be deployed to a secret place for 4 months.. he also has a one year old! how cute, she makes me remember that i can do anything because she can do everything with these issues in her life!

My mom left for Austin this morning and tomorrow I register for classes and I have a job shadow at WFAA again 🙂 im very excited!

sorry its so short but im going to bed! ill update in the morning!! xo




One thought on “Its Nice To Catch Up

  1. you don’t know how excited i am that you’re updating more… without a job, i kind of have lots of time on my hands! i’m so glad you got to catch up with your friend, i remember you telling me about her when you moved to san marcos. how did she meet her fiance? a secret location? he sounds like he’s good at whatever he does!! that’s great for her 🙂 good luck with your job shadowing & registering… harry can be a little elusive, but if you show up at his office, he can’t avoid you (that’s what i learned) haha

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